Cheap Valentine’s Day Date Ideas from Across The Island

Are you looking to spend a great time with your date going to activities that are not only extremely fun, but also budget friendly? We got you covered, no matter your location in Puerto Rico! From inexpensive fun activities such as ice skating and playing at the arcade, to a more relaxed and romantic pastime such as visiting museums and waterfalls, there's sure to be an activity that will suit you both.  Get ready to write down your favorite date ideas across the island and have fun!



1. Grab some delicious frappes together at Don FrappeAñasco - $3 for a 16oz cup

Don Frappe’s wide range of flavors, from Tronky to Coconut, and even Coffee, is sure to have something that you and your special someone are sure to love! This place even has a nice atmosphere with cute log seats and dangling lights.

2. Spend the day at Rincón, Rincón - Free*

Ptcture this: Spending the day at a beautiful beach, watching as the waves crash while feeling the breeze under a palm tree. Afterwards, you go to the plaza that's filled with artisans and a chill night vibe that you’re sure to love. This can be your piece of paradise considering this pastime is free, unless you were to spend on money on some of the inexpensive local restaurants or artisans.

3. Go ice skating, Aguadilla (Rental $10 +ivu (day) / $13+ivu (night))

If you’re looking to have fun on your date, nothing beats going ice skating. In Aguadilla you can find the only stationary year-round ice skating rink in Puerto Rico that comes alive with exotic lights and music during the night time.




1. Watch a film at the Fine Arts Cinema, Hato Rey - $8.50 per ticket

If you want an excuse to snuggle up next your SO, go to the Fine Arts Popular to watch a foreign film together. Trust me, this setting is ideal thanks to the extremely comfortable seats this cinema has to offer and the cozy environment.

2. Play at Dave and Buster’s, Bayamón - $10-30 for a card you can share

Want a more fast-paced, exciting date? We’ve got that covered too. Go head-to-head with your partner in classic arcade games and have fun playing the varied and exciting machines this place has to offer!

3. Visit the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, San Juan - $6.69 per ticket

Museum dates are more fun than they appear, trust me. Get to critique different art works and debate the meaning of different pieces with your date. You can also take the tour and learn about the history behind the paintings together.


1. Roam a coffee plantation at Café Gran Batey, Utuado - Free*

If you and your partner consider yourselves coffee lovers, it's a great idea to see where it all starts. Learn more about how coffee gets its rich taste and how it is cultivated from scratch at a plantation. You can also taste the coffee by ordering a latte, or your coffee infused drink of choice, at an additional low cost.

2. Take a dip in the Doña Juana Waterfall, Orocovis - Free

If you and your date are more nature oriented, I strongly encourage you to take a dip together at the Doña Juana Waterfall. Enjoy each other’s presence and the beautiful view in this fun outing. To change things up, you can even bring a blanket close to the waterfall and bring your favorite foods and snacks so that you can have yourselves a cute picnic.

3. Have fun at the Juan Antonio Corretjer Park, Ciales - Free

For that athletic couple out there, this date is definitely for you. The Juan Antonio Corretjer Park is the perfect destination for your date since you can rollerskate, skateboard, ride bicycles, or even run around the park and enjoy its beautiful view.


1. Take a tour of the Don Q Distillery in Castillo Serrallés, Ponce - $10 per ticket

Castillo Serrallés is home to one of the most beautiful sights of Ponce. The magnificent castle served as a home to the founders of the Don Q Distillery here in Puerto Rico. Today, it serves as a museum that offers a tour around the castle and provides you with information about the family who lived in it and how they ran the distillery. Have fun with your partner taking in the amazing sights and learning some history together!

2. Try some exotic ice cream flavors at Heladería Lares, Lares- Under $5

From corn, to coquito, to rice flavored ice creams, the iconic Heladería Lares offers truly unique ice cream combinations to try out. This date can be especially fun for any brave or dessert enthusiast couple. Try these one of a kind flavors and dare each other to try the weirdest combinations you can find.

3. Feel the rush at Salinas Speedway, Salinas- $12 per entry ticket

If you and your partner are not faint of heart, get ready to be entertained in a less than conventional date. Prepare to get your hearts racing while watching these rapid cars race all day while just standing several feet away.



1. Spend the day at Culebra, Fajardo- $2.25 per ferry ticket

If you and your date are early birds that love the beach and don’t mind getting up early to get a spot on the ferry, go to Culebra! Spend the day at one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico all while relaxing with your date.

2. Take a trip to the “Balneario,” Luquillo- Free

If you decide that getting up early for the beach just isn’t for you, we’ve got you covered. The balneario in Luquillo is home to a beautiful beach with a relaxing ambience that is sure to please you and your partner.

3. Visit the Natural Reserve, Humacao - Free

This date destination is ideal for nature-oriented couples. The Natural Reserve in Humacao is filled with trails that you can explore together and with sights you’re sure to love. It also serves as the ideal backdrop for cute couple pictures.


No matter which destination you choose, we hope you have fun with your SO wherever you go and cherish the time you spend together. Happy Valentine's Day from the Her Campus UPRM Team!