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This week’s episode was very powerful. Charmed managed to discuss very profound topics along with fun and spooky scenes that were definitely Halloween worthy.

Harry trying to teach Mel a lesson about restraints with a magic tracking bracelet.

It starts off showing a renewed Mel who has taken witchcraft head-on by applying magic regularly and attempting very risky techniques in their practices with Harry. She might be reckless and bold, but instead of completely portraying this attitude as wrong, Charmed decided to show that it’s ok to take risks when managed closely. Mel was very close to losing Macy due to a bold decision, but in the end she was healed by Harry and they were able to save the day. So, Mel realizes it is ok to use her powers boldly as long as she commits to understand them better to make smarter choices.

We also see a new layer of Harry as he uncovers that part of the reason why he is so protective of the charmed ones, especially Mel, is because he lost a witch named Fiona. Just like Mel, she was headstrong and bold which makes him very conscious of the dangers of witchcraft. Mel makes it clear that she won’t be controlled by Harry, but she will work with him from now on.

Something I have really come to appreciate in these first episodes is the normality they’ve given to their queer characters, specially Mel. This was emphasized in episode 3 when she discusses with Harry that she had no coming out moment and she was never in the closet. Her mother was very supportive, even before Mel herself knew she was gay. This reminds me of one of my favorite scenes of the movie Love, Simon. Where the protagonist ponders why is straight the default and how maybe we should all have to go through this awkward and difficult coming out period regardless of our orientation. Charmed has been one of the few TV series that brings a protagonist character to our view and normalizes their sexual orientation by skipping a big coming out series of events or even backstory. This is not only refreshing but also very important because hopefully one day this will also be the norm. It’s clever how the show still uses her witchcraft secret to show how a person can still struggle with being in the closet and having to lie to people around them even if this has nothing to do with their orientation. We need to realize that not only this can create a closet, but also things that makes us who we are such as preferences, mental illnesses, or conditions we suffer. And being in the closet will always create a tremendous toll on a person, so we need to be able to recognize to be set free.

Above, severed head from Angela Wu’s mini fridge. Below, Angela Wu completely transformed due to the harbinger’s possession.

And lets not oversee the spooky fun fest of this week’s episode, including a severed head in a college mini fridge and a fantastic Halloween Frat Party. The harbinger, which proved to be a very clever texter, initially seemed to bring back a common horror cliche by saying that it fed on virgin blood. I was worried about the use of cliches in this episode until I realized it had an intent. Macy turns out to be a virgin. Normally, what we see in serieses when a virgin character is presented is that they are subtly made fun of since it is inferred that their awkwardness or weirdness is due to their virginity. Up until now, Macy was never portrayed as insecure or weird. Instead she is shown as this powerful main character with amazing power. I think that this is very important because the program showed that this is another choice you get to make and it doesn’t have to affect who you are and how the world sees you. Also, they showed that now that she is thinking differently and considering to maybe change this, it’s still her choice and it doesn’t change who she is.

Screw anyone who tries to put you in a box. – Maggie

Charmed also uses her to show the struggles minorities face by talking about her background and how she felt she needed to identify herself as a certain type of woman of color before society chose for her. So, she felt pressured to be the professional and smart instead of sexy. Maggie helps her realize that no one, not even ourselves, should put us in a box. We are amazing, complicated and uncontainable in labels.

Maggie and Macy have a heart to heart.

On the other hand, we have Maggie. She is amazing at helping her sisters embrace who they are, but is still very insecure and sometimes even desperate for acceptance as she tries to be part of the Kappa sorority. It’s very human to know how to help others because we are able to observe the problems more objectively. She recognizes in this episode that magic can’t provide everything and that using it in a selfish manner it can lead to grave consequences. Also, this episode promises some future drama in the form Parker who initially we see flirting with Maggie and then turns out to be Lucy’s boyfriend (uh oh).

Maggie realizes her crush, Parker, is off-limits, if she wants to be a Kappa sister.

In this episode, I really enjoyed seeing how Nico and Mel are in a committed relationship but that spark is still very present. Mel agreed to not tell Niko after hearing part of Harry’s backstory, but there was a very clear for now in that statement. Which has me all excited for her coming out moment. Which might come sooner rather than later since we did see Niko acting strange after Mel stopped and restarted time, and well she is a detective after all.

Mel and Niko in Maggie’s Halloween Party.

Tune in next Sunday to see how the sister’s face a very precarious situation. They were able to apprehend the harbinger, now the only way to keep humanity save might be by killing Angela Wu. Or is it…

She can’t be saved. She has to be killed.


Highlighted Scene:

Did you catch that beautiful flag in Mel’s room?

I spy with my little eye a beautiful Puerto Rican flag.

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