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Women are often criticized for speaking their mind and asking for what they deserve. This is why Her Campus UPRM will be having the “I Did Something Bad” campaign from November 4 to the 11. The goal is to encourage you to not live by the norms and to ask for that raise, to call out someone for a sexist comment, to be vocal about mental health, etc. To “do something bad” is to call out the issues and situations women have to face everyday, but are made to feel as though they have to take it because otherwise they’d be seen as problematic, bossy, or even bitchy. We want you to share with us your story and to tell us who has empowered you and why. Know that you have a voice and you can empower others as well.

This campaign was definitely inspired by Taylor’s song from her reputation album. I was truly changed by this album and song specifically. This song is not only powerful, but also truly empowering and all about owning your narrative and not following the rules. Because of Taylor’s lyrics, I truly felt like I could live my life not having to take crap from anyone and to use those “insults” as fuel and as words of empowerment. That is why I wanted to carry out this campaign because Her Campus is all about female empowerment and girls supporting girls.

Make sure you follow us on all of our social media to check out the content we will be posting for this campaign all week long. We urge you to share your story with us and to use your voice to stand against the issues women face everyday and to break all the rules. Go forth and conquer!

English Major at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus. With a minor in Comunications and a minor in Marketing. Interested in all things entertainment and pop culture. Passionate writer and aspiring journalist. Former Campus Correspondent at HC UPRM. 
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