Cabra Tostá: The New "it" Place in Mayagüez

When you hear the name Cabra Tostá, you already know that you're in for a treat. Cabra Tostá Coffee House is the new “it” place in Mayagüez. With only four weeks since its opening, they have taken the Colegial community by storm. With their amazing design, inspired by multiple Pinterest scrolls, this unique and trendy coffee house is the perfect place to grab your coffee, have a lunch date with your bestie, and even catch up on class material.

Enrique Caldas, Gabriel Curet, and Edro O. are the owners and creators of Cabra Tostá Coffee House. Enrique had the idea of creating a food truck that served beer, pizza, and hamburgers. With several pitch meetings and some tweaking to the original idea, what was supposed to be a simple foodtruck, with the help of Christian, the head barista, became the trendy coffee house that Cabra Tostá is today.

Cabra Tostá doesn’t just specialize in coffee, but also has a delicious menu that goes from classic breakfasts with a twist, like the omelette filled with mushrooms, onions, spinach, and mozzarella cheese, to chocolate chip-stuffed pancakes. They also have paninis, wraps, and salads with chicken, skirt steak, salmon, or your preference of hams.

Although Cabra Tostá is currently in Mayagüez, the owners and ex-colegiales’, vision of the coffee house is to make it into a franchise and bring Cabra Tostá to different towns in Puerto Rico.

Cabra Tostá was designed to give the visitor the best of both worlds. There’s the chance to relax with a chill sofa space, where you can have a chat while drinking coffee or just wait for your food, as well as a work area with a conference room and a white board, equipped with a big table and a TV—perfect for meetings (you can rent it for free!).  

If you’re looking for a place to study, have some great coffee and treat yourself, don’t doubt visiting Cabra Tostá for great coffee and an overall amazing experience.