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CAAMpus Sweethearts: Valentine’s Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPRM chapter.




Name: Gabriel Gracia Nieves

Major: Accounting


Name: Angie Rivera

Major: Biology

How did you guys meet?

Gabriel: Orlando, a friend, asked me one day to go with him to Angie’s house to pick something up.

Angie: Yep! That’s how we met and we became friends, like really good friends but just that.


How did you guys go from being friends to dating?

Angie: After 2 years of being panas we started getting to know each other better. He was my best friend.

Gabriel: A couple of months after that it started to get a bit more serious. We couldn’t believe it at first!

Angie: I could say it started to feel different. We would always make sure that if one of us was going out we would meet up somehow. 


How long have you guys been together?

Both: Two years and one month this Sunday!


What is your favorite thing about each other?

Gabriel: I love her values, but most of all-her inner beauty.

Angie: I can’t say I have just one thing that’s my favorite because I just love the way he is in general.



What are your pet peeves about each other?

Angie: I’ve never thought of that.

Gabriel: It drives me nuts when she acts spoiled and I know exactly one thing I do that really bothers her- (to Angie) when you’re angry and I make fun of you!


What is your favorite memory together?

Angie: Condado! It was our first official date. He picked me up, we went out to eat at La Cuevita and then he told me that we were going somewhere secret. I got so nervous! He took me to a secret spot on the beach, we walked and that was the first time he told me he was in love with me.

Gabriel: I loved Condado! But I would have to say that my favorite memory was our first kiss. We were out all night and then we came to her house. Talked a whole bunch, Orli was here, hahaha!

Angie: Hahaha! Orli has always been there.


How have you guys managed to balance schoolwork, sports and your relationship?

Angie: Mutual support is definitely key! Even if were both incredibly busy we always find a way to help each other out. Whoever arrives home early cooks for the other one and we find ways to make each other comfortable during those “hell weeks.”

Gabriel: If she has a test, I drive her there so she doesn’t have to drive. It’s all about teamwork!

Angie: We even carpool on weekends to go visit our parents! Last semester was one of the most challenging for both of us. I was studying for the PCAT, he was busy with the volleyball team, but together we managed to come out strong.  It was definitely an adventure!

Gabriel: The cool thing about it is that academically it has been one of the best semesters so far. Teamwork was definitely key.


How have you guys managed to not fall into the relationship “slump”?

Angie: It’s all in the details! Every time there’s a holiday, birthday or anniversary we have this friendly competition of who’s going to surprise the other more.

Gabriel: It’s so much fun! This Christmas sort of sucked, since I was in the hospital most of it and couldn’t surprise her as I would’ve wanted to: so this Valentine’s is going to be amazing.