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CAAMpus Cutie: Pedro Moreu

Writer, water polo enthusiast, and aspiring professor, meet English major Pedro Moreu. Although a freshman, he is fountain of determination and positivity.To read more about this unique, CAAMpus Cutie's hobbies, plans and freshman experiences, keep scrolling!

Name: Pedro Moreu

Year: Freshman

Major: English

Hometown: Mayagüez


 What are your hobbies?

I enjoy spending time with my friends and going to the beach to relax. I also like writing and playing water polo.

 If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?


 What do you like the most about studying at UPRM?

I really love the entire campus. It is full of so much diversity, and that helps every student that arrives here open their eyes and expand their perspective on the world. Other than that, the liberty is astonishing, it's like if you want to go to class you can, but if you want to skip class you can do that as well. It is awesome.

I heard that the highly esteemed Professor Nancy Vicente of the English Department is your mother. How is it having your mom working right on-campus?

Having my mom work here at UPRM can sometimes be embarrassing, but most of the time it's pretty normal. I enjoy having someone inside the department who is always there to help me and it is simply a bonus that that person happens to be my mother.

 What is the funniest experience you've had at UPRM?

My funniest experience happened one day after class, I was walking to my grandmother's house in Mayagüez Terrace and saw a running car but no one in the driver's seat. I passed by and saw two people in the passenger's seat. You can guess the rest.

How do you see yourself ten years?

I definitely see myself as a professor teaching students all the lessons I learned throughout my years and hopefully I can inspire them to be more. I like writing and plan on spending at least some of my time writing, because it is a great way to express myself, and it is excellent therapy. I hope to create something that will be remembered for years to come, but hey, doesn't everybody?

As an English major with a love for anything written, Alexandra enjoys writing and reading almost anything. The beach is her escape though most days, she enjoys staying at home watching Netflix. She plans to become a lawyer or a journalist, but right now she is enjoying her college experience to the fullest!
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