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CAAMpus Cutie: Estefanía López

Meet this week’s campus cutie, Estefanía López Ortiz, an aspiring medical professional, driven by her passions and goals.  Besides her many goals, this cutie has many more talents not everyone knows about. You’ll see what we mean when you scroll down.  


Name: Estefanía López Ortiz

Age: 23

Hometown: Lajas

Major: Biology

How do you see yourself in a few years?

 Well, I definitely see myself as a medstudent (hoping not to go crazy or any of that nonsense): just being successful and enjoying the things I love to do.           

How would you describe yourself in a simple manner?

 People may be surprised when I say I’m a bit shy. Most of the time I’m funny, spontaneous and humorous. I have high expectations of life, so you can say that I’m very determined.. I’m a very outgoing, emotional, and giving woman. Family is very important to me, so spending time with them and with my friends is definitely something I love. 

What’s your hobby?

 I can’t really think about a specific hobby, so I want to start by saying these words: “Music is what feelings sound like”. I relate to this quote because music for me is a way to express myself. I love singing and that’s why music is one of my passions. I love nature and I try always to go to the beach because that’s the little time I can spend with myself.

What’s your best UPRM memory you can share with us?

 OMG, I have lots of great memories! But I have to say that one of my favorite memories-something that I will remember for the rest of my life- the Medlife trip to Ecuador I went on last year.

What’s the perfect date for you?

 A simple dinner in a fresh, relaxed, beautiful place. It certainly needs amazing scenery and preferably the sound of the waves on the background. But wait…just a little detail. You CANNOT forget the champagne or wine! I don’t mind which but DON’T forget it! LOL


Further info: Estefanía recently was featured in the song Make me smile (Original Mix) by Dazzi X Sergio. If you’re interested in hearing these awesome tunes you can download it in Sound Cloud.


Hi! My name is Juvell Burris I am originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. However, I have been raised all my life in Puerto Rico. Currently, I am an undergraduate student in the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez under the bachelors of Industrial Microbiology. Even though my passion for math and science predominates everyday my main goal is to discover new potentials I can approach.
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