CAAMpus Celebrity: Paola C. Colón, "Letras con Tacones"

I've always had a passion for fashion. To become a fashion journalist and work for a fashion magazine as an editor had always been my dream job, but it was merely that, a dream. I never thought I could actually materialize it and make a living out of it.”

Four years ago Paola Carolina Colón was a freshman at the biology department at UPRM, looking forward to a future career in medicine. After freshmen year, she realized that microbiology wasn’t her calling. She decided to leave it, in order to pursue her true calling, fashion journalism. She risked it all. She left the safe path to embark on the biggest adventure of her life. Her dream was greater than her fear, and she was determined to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve her goal. At the short age of 21, this San Juan native has traveled almost all of Europe, is finishing her bachelors degree in journalism and public relations, and is the creator and manager of the successful Fashion Blog “Letras con Tacones”. Meet this fearless, charming, young entrepreneur who is making a name in the fashion industry and proving that passion and hard work are the key to success. 

HC: If you had a chance for a do over, would you still attend UPRM and start a career in science or would you rather chase your dreams right away instead?

Paola: I would definitely still attend UPRM and start a career in science. Thanks to that experience I understood what it really means to be passionate about something. At UPRM, I learned many valuable lessons as a freshman that empowered me to make the right choice and pursue my true calling. I will always be grateful for all the things El Colegio thought me at our very short, yet steady relationship.

HC: What does fashion means to you?

Paola: Fashion is everything. Fashion is dynamic; it is not just about making you look great, it is living art, and that deserves to be acknowledged.

HC: What does writing means to you?

Paola: We are exposed to writing since an early age, because it is basics communications skills. Yet, as I started my career as a journalist I have comprehended how powerful words are, not only for expressing emotions, but also diversity, and that is invaluable. 

HC: Would you rather describe yourself as a writer/journalist, a fashion expert or a business woman?

Paola: Hopefully, someday I will be all of the above! As for now you a fashion blogger/journalist will do.

HC: Who is an inspiration for you within the industry?

Paola: Anna Dello Russo (Editor-at-Large Vogue Japan), Miroslava Duma (Blogger & Style Icon) and Kelly Talamas (Editor-in-Chief Vogue Mexico & Latin America). Oh and regarding shoes, which are my favorite accessory, I love Carrie Bradshaw (Sex & the City character). I mean, who doesn’t?

HC: How was “Letras con Tacones” finally set in motion?

Paola: Once I made the career switch into Communications, everything started falling into place. My agenda was full of events, fashion shows and internship opportunities. I worked at the Puerto Rico High Fashion Week (PRHFW), as Social Media Manager where I was in charge of the social networks including PRHFW's official blog. This became my first experience as a fashion blogger. Aside from work, I’ve always had plans of traveling the world, therefore I decided to study abroad in Spain. When I came back to the island, while working for the PRHFW I had the opportunity to go to New York Fashion Week, (NYFW). This particular experience aside of magical was enlightening about what my next step should be. I felt like I needed to share all these amazing experiences I was living.  In February 2015, I had the opportunity to attend NYFW for the second time and that was  Letras con Tacones" was born.

Paola acknowledges the support she received from her family when she decided to change career’s path. Her mother always told her that she should be a journalist, therefore, to find herself now living her dream, and her mother’s is surreal.

 “…confidence is key. Once you build up a strong self esteem there's not going back, people will respect you and what you stand for.” 

HC: What is your definition of beauty?

Paola: It blooms from within!

HC: What do you consider is your biggest contribution through “Letras con Tacones” to the advancement of women and their place in society?

Paola: LCT is a living proof that it is ok to follow your passion, to think out of the box and risk it all for a dream. I am one of those lucky people that wake up every day excited about work. Not many can say that, and I wish many more could. Hopefully, this platform will empower young women that are pursuing a rather unconventional career path to do it, with the certainty that if they work very hard for it, they can be successful. 

Paola shared a piece of advice for anybody who desires to pursue a career in the Fashion Industry, “Education is fundamental, but the networking and experience that you acquire through internships is vital. It truly makes a difference in expanding your career opportunities and making you a more competent aspirant.” She graduates college next May, and is heading toward Fashion School afterwards. No doubt that “Letras con Tacones” is stepping firmly it’s way to success along with the big names in the fashion industry, by the hand of it’s creator, a rare, bright, passionate and brave soul. 

“Passion, along with sacrifice, will take you anywhere you want to go in life. Passionate people who work hard will undeniably be successful, that is a fact!” 

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Photo credits: Provided by Paola C. Colón