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CAAMpus Celebrity: Mr. President, Francisco Vargas Alcántara

Francisco Vargas Alcántara is the president of the UPRMs Student Council. Despite majoring in political science he has never aspired to become a lawyer, yet finds himself doing exactly what a lawyer does and loving it: protecting peoples rights. As CGEs (Consejo General de Estudiantes) president, his job is to make sure that everything runs smoothly at the council, that the student complaints are properly taken care of, and that the bureaucratic system doesnt stand in the way of  our education. It is a whole lot to manage, but two previous years of experience working on the CGE as a council member and as a senator certainly have helped him adapt to his new job as chief.

Being in charge may seem like a glamorous job, but with power certainly comes a lot of responsibility. Francisco is more than aware of it, so he recalls honesty and prudency as the key to success. Although not a newbie university politics, Francisco is certainly more mature and effective as a leader now that when he began: he has become a better listener; less critical, more bargaining, yet still controversial in the necessary way. He protects what he believes in: the university is a tool to serve the students, period.

His best experience as a students representative happened on May 7th 2015, when the UPRM students marched against the possibility of budget cuts for the university. The manifestation was successful in preventing the cuttings. That day was special, because it gave me hope, it reassured me that the sacrifices we are doing are worth it, and that we can change things, for the better,he fondly reflects.

Loud and fearless is not everything there is about Francisco. This guy is down to earth, kind, and always wearing a smile. His aspirations go far beyond academic success, which denotes his human quality, After graduation I want to join the Peace Corps, that has always been my dream.He doesnt discard law school or graduate school, yet his life goal resumes in using his leadership skills to help people, because ultimately, that is what he is passionate about.

Former Chief Editor and Campus Correspondent at the Her Campus UPRM chapter of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. Writing in NYC, living the dream.
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