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Art in the Streets of the West Side of Puerto Rico

As you are walking down the streets of the West side of the island you will most definitely find art created by local artists. It is beautiful to see walls filled with pieces of art and to know that talented artists from our own island created them to make Puerto Rico even more amazing. So, if you enjoy art and supporting local talent, you’re in the right place. 

1. Guanica: Color y Vida

Facebook: Guánica: Color y Vida | Instagram: guanicacoloryvida

The name of this project says it all: art full of color and life. Guánica is known for its beautiful beaches that many people from all over the island love, and even tourists, too. Therefore, the idea of this project was to promote tourism to different spots of the city in this case, the streets of Guánica. Also, artists from around the island created all of these murals to decorate the streets with color, which attracts tourists and locals. These murals are located in the middle of Guánica like a route of art. So, if you happen to be at the beach, you can stop by these stunning pieces of art and admire the work done by talented and creative artists. 

2. “Yaucromatic” 

Facebook: Yaucromatic | Instagram: yaucromatic 

There are 17 murals located in the main streets and Cerro of Yauco thanks to a community initiative that has gained lots of popularity ever since it opened in 2017. You can find the project in Google Maps, where there is a map that contains the location of each mural and even the name of the artist.  Yaucromatic is a great initiative from the people of Yauco because the city used to look deteriorated, yet this gave it a whole new look. Another positive aspect of this art is that ever since its inauguration it has become a popular spot for tourists and visitors from all over the island. It has definitely shined a different light to the city of Yauco because it is a place that any type of audience can, and should, visit. 

3. “Ponce es Ley”  

Scattered throughout the streets of Ponce, you can find the marks left behind by artists in an attempt to portray our history and culture in a renovated way. You can for sure say their attempt was successful because the murals have also become a known and loved spot for tourists and locals. The murals portray a variety of styles and mediums that are appealing to the eye. Even more than that, they pay homage to important figures born in the city of Ponce like musicians, writers, and poets. It is great to see art made in honor of icons from our culture and also important memories and folklore. I can’t wait to visit!


Facebook: BEMBA PR | Instagram: bemba.pr

Recently, I found myself driving through the streets of the city of Mayagüez, and I came across many walls filled with art. However, these pieces of art are nowhere similar to the ones I was talking about before. The thing that makes such pieces stand out is that they are a form of activism. It is activism embodied in art against the corruption we Puerto Ricans suffer as a colony of the United States. It doesn’t just talk about corruption; their street art also made a public health campaign in order to spread awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic. Their project is a brilliant idea because it combines art with awareness and accountability. This is definitely my favorite out of the list, and I love seeing it throughout the streets of Mayagüez. 

5. “Pintalto”

Facebook: Pintalto | Instagram: pintalto 

Located in the Cerro Cabrera of Aguadilla is the project Pintalto where you can discover murals combined with color mosaics. There you can also find 15 other murals created by artists in support of the organization funded by Samuel González. In addition to those murals, there is a big one that serves as a colorful bridge that unites the community of Cerro Cabrera. A great thing about the location of these murals is that they are close to the beach so you can enjoy both things simultaneously. Visiting the murals is a delightful artistic experience, which is why it’s so loved by visitors and tourists. Needless to say, these are for sure in my list of places to visit during this upcoming summer.   

All of these murals are easy to find with a quick search on Google Maps. They are a delightful artistic experience made for anyone to enjoy, so I hope this list motivates you for a road trip to the West side! 


My name is Susana and I am a Comparative Literature student at UPRM. I'm in love with pretty much anything related to art and you will definitely catch me melting over any type of animal.
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