6 Things You Should Be Prepared for in Your First Week at Colegio

Your first week of college is one of the most memorable experiences, from making your very first friends to getting lost countless times. Because you’re now a Colegial, you should know these few tricks to successfully get through this exciting week.



1. You should know where you’re standing.



Explore campus beforehand and know more or less your way around. Also, learn the abbreviations of the building names. It can be quite confusing at first, but you’ll get used to it.

2. The rain.


Mayagüez is a very rainy city and, chances are, the minute you walk out of a building it’s going to start pouring. Now that you will be living here, be sure to ALWAYS carry an umbrella, not just for orientation week.


3. The heat.


Always make sure your outfit is comfortable, bring at least a bottle of water, and remember to pack your mini deodorant and a hand towel. The walk from building to building in this summer heat is kind of a nightmare.


4. The Hunger.



Be sure to pack some snacks, there are long days at Colegio when your classes might not leave you a reasonable time to get something to eat or to even get there on time.  There are very few options (and sometimes kind of expensive) at the cafeteria, but there is also D’Picasso, Jarana, Happy Bowls, Aquí Latte, Friends Café, Popeyes, The Village at Pueblo, and El Mesón.


5. Meeting lots of new people.



This is a great opportunity to make friends and get to know people with your same interests, don’t be shy!


6. The constant feeling of having no idea of what is going on.


The first week you’ll be flooded with the same questions: “What are you studying?”, “What are your plans?” Don’t worry too much about the future or feeling unsure about the major you picked; everyone is going through the same thing and it’s quite overwhelming. The truth is you can only know if you like your major and plan for the future once some time has passed by, so, don’t sweat it and enjoy your first week. It’s the easiest week you’ll have here at Colegio!