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6 of the “Old Taylor’s” Greatest Songs

Before Taylor dropped “Look What You Made Me Do,” she successfully made the change from country to pop. And although she claims that this persona is now dead, it is safe to say that these iconic eras won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Before her album drops, let’s reminisce about her greatest songs and most memorable times. #TS6

1. Picture to Burn

This song from her self-titled album is a great break up track and revenge anthem. Specially for that guy you dated way back when, who thought he was so much better than he really was. Ultimately, he’ll be just another funny anecdote and another picture to burn.

2. Love Story

The classic fairytale love story. This song from her Fearless album, is about the Romeo and Juliet love story but, plotwist, instead of it ending like the famous Shakespearean tragedy, it gives the lovers a happy ending.

3. The Story Of Us

This song from her album Speak Now tells the story of a crumbling relationship and how truly frustrated and anxious that sort of event can make us feel. So many things that were left unsaid…

4. Red

From the album of the same name, this song explains all the feelings you get while being in love, but with colors. From burning red (love) to grey (when you lose that special someone).

5. Clean

From her 1989 album, this song is about finally letting go of people and situations that have brought you pain. Those times when you feel like you’re drowning in your own pain   until one day you wake up and it’s finally gone. They do say time heals all.

6. New Romantics

1989 was definitely my all time favorite TS album. This song was a bonus track (don’t know why), and it’s all about the modern dating scene, getting your heart broken along the way, but enjoying all of what this new world entails.

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