5 Tips and Tricks to Beat the First Weeks of Class!

Winter break has come and gone which means the beginning of the semester is just around the corner. Even though this may cause an incurable case of dread for many of us, there is no need to fear. As the first week of class finally kicked off (because we all know Friday didn't count!) here are five tips to get yourself in the zone for this semester!

1. Regulate your sleep schedule.
Be it due to Netflix, family, or endless holiday parties your sleep schedule might have gotten a little crazy. Use this week to start going to sleep earlier. This'll make it easy to wake up early when those dreaded 7 AM classes begin. Consider going to sleep from 10 to 11 PM and waking up at around 6 AM. Even if your classes aren't that early, you can use this time to eat breakfast, study, or even...
2. Start exercising. 
Exercising in the morning is sure to give you a jump start and help you deal with your day. You can try yoga, jogging, or swimming in your campus pool. On the other hand, exercising in the evening before 7 pm can help you get rid of some of the stress of the day in a productive way. Not only this, but it's sure to give you a boost of much needed energy. 
3. Purchase your college supplies ahead of time.
Leaving this task until the day before classes or even after classes start can be a mistake. Taking the time to purchase pens, notebooks, highlighters and other office supplies you'll need this semester will surely motivate you. You can even decorate your notebooks to add a personal touch to your supplies. 
4. Make time management lists. 
Planning out your day can help keep you organised and happy. Jot down a schedule and try to stick to it as much as you can. It's okay if you stray away from previous plans, but this will help you manage your time more efficiently. 
5. Give your dorm room a thorough cleaning. 
Cleaning your dorm might seem like a silly tip, but wouldn't it be even sillier to get sick right at the beginning of the semester? After a month of accumulating dirt and cobwebs, your room will definitely need some cleaning. Changing the sheets, sweeping, and mopping will get that room back in top shape. 
Make sure to follow these tips to start your semester off on the right foot!
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