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4 Korean YouTubers That Will Have You Looking Like a K-pop Star

K-pop. Whether you love or it’s not necessarily your thing, there’s no denying that the girls and guys in the bands are some of the most beautiful people you have ever laid your eyes on. Although genes play a big part in their beauty, we all know that makeup can make miracles happen. So here are four Korean beauty YouTubers that will help you achieve the perfect K-pop star look.

1. Meejmuse

From Girls Generation to Korean actresses, Meejmuse will have you looking stunning with her makeup tutorials. Her amazing editing skills, soothing voice, and the added bonus that she speaks English, makes it a breeze to follow along. Additionally, her channel offers more than just makeup tutorials; her product reviews are some of the most detailed you can find and her awesome Streets Of Seoul series will just make you want to hop on the next flight over to Korea.


2. Ssinnim

Ssin is an androgynous QUEEN! Not only does she kill female idols looks, but she’s not afraid to explore masculine styles by doing covers of male idol makeup. In a country where individualism is not very encouraged, she’s breaking the mold and having fun while doing it. She also has a great personality and always manages to make me laugh.


3. Pony

Although third on the list, Pony is my personal goddess of Korean makeup! She has done the makeup of celebrities like former 2ne1 member, Chaerin Lee. She went viral for her Taylor Swift transformation video that you must definitely check out! Pony also has her own makeup company called Pony effect, so if you’re Korean cosmetics junkie or a makeup junkie in general, you should give them a shot.


4. Kwaktori

With a makeup style that mixes Japanese style with Korean style, Kwaktori is a little less mainstream. Not just because of her makeup style mixes, but also because her videos don’t necessarily focus of the latest trend. You can always count on her if you’re looking for new and creative makeup. Her tutorials don’t offer subtitles, but don’t let that stop you because they’re super easy to follow.


Whether you want to look like your favorite K-pop star, learn about Korean beauty and cosmetics or Korean culture, or simply want to experiment with a new look, I hope this list helps you out.


My name is Karina from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I'm a walking stressed filled contradiction finding my way around the worlds and writting articles along the way. 
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