12 Stages of Preparing for the MCAT

If your future plans include studying medicine, you know the MCAT is one of the first steps. But just because it's the beginning it does not mean that it's the easiest step.  While preparing for the big day it's almost impossible not to talk about it, soon it will be everything you do with your friends. If you took the test you've probably been through a similar scenario or if you're planning on taking it these are some steps that you will go through in your experience.


1. You get the brand new review books you ordered and they feel like new toys in your arms. 


2. You schedule your study plan by the subjects, chapters and practice tests perfectly.  You even plan for some down time in between.


3. First week DONE. You did everything you planned to do and you’re sure you’ll get a 45.


4. Second week you have a bio-chem test that you really need to study for, so you figure since that test is sooner you should focus on that and then deal with the MCAT (besides you have more than enough time to prepare for that).


5. You start realizing you will have no social life for the next 2 months. 


6. You start trying to catch up on last week’s work, plus this week’s work too.  Only to CRASH AND BURN. You realize it’s impossible. 


7. You realize there’s only one month left and you’re 3 months behind on your schedule. Start hyperventilating!


8. One week left and you figure: "why even bother memorizing all of this Sh*t? Let me just try and finish all of those practice tests that I said I would do."

9. Start planning your funeral! While trying to choose another career.

10.  Enter the test center. 

11. Try and register that very same day for the next MCAT.


12. (For the lucky ones) Realizing you don't have to retake the MCAT!