#WomenonCampus: A President of Leadership and Peace at AIESEC

Here on Her Campus at UPR, we’re celebrating #WomensHistoryMonth by officially starting a series of interviews called “Women on Campus” that will run well past the month because highlighting the women making their own history merits it.

Our first interview was with Ambar Cruz,  the exceptionally kind and professional president of the leadership youth organization, AIESEC!



HCUPR: What is your name and what do you do?

My name is Ambar Cruz, and I am the president of AIESEC at Río Piedras.


HCUPR: What year are you in and what do you study?

AC: I’m in my third year, and I study relaciones laborales.



HCUPR: What role models inspired you (if any) to pursue a presidential position?

AC: I don’t have any famous role models, but my inspiration has always come from my family. My parents always try to give me and my siblings the best of them. The young people that work with us in this organization also inspired me to pursue a presidential position. I was vice president before and even that came with the pressure of being a woman in a position of power. They’re always going to be extra vigilant if you make one mistake or do something wrong, and it’s proof that we do still very much live in a misogynistic society. I also wanted to challenge myself with the goal of being the president here and thought, “Why not?”


HCUPR: What is AISEC and what is its mission?

AC: Here at AIESEC we are an international non-profit organization and the biggest organization in the world lead by youth. Their mission is the “Peace and the fulfillment of humankind’s potential.” Our goal here is not just helping achieve a more peaceful world, but to instill in each person that drive for peace and that every action they make be towards bringing peace to those around them and within relationships they make.


HCUPR: What type of impact has AISEC made in the community?

AC: The impact I have seen has been with our volunteers that return from their volunteering trips. By the time they come back, they’ve become more independent individuals with a wider perspective of the world. Regardless of how bad it gets here (Puerto Rico), there’s still a lot of ignorance surrounding other countries in Latin America that have fewer privileges, and our volunteers become aware of that when they come back. I would say it’s a totally transformative process for a person and helps them look at things in a macro perspective rather than micro.



HCUPR: Are the volunteer opportunities limited to members?

AC: No! It’s a totally open program that is accessible to everyone!


HCUPR: How would you describe your organization in one word?

AC: Wow. Wow! So many things could describe it… I would describe AIESEC as transformative.


HCUPR: What do YOU want people to think of when they see the word AISEC?

AC: I want, when people look at the word “AIESEC,” them to see an opportunity for change, something life-changing. I want for them to see how an organization can give you an incredible experience that you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life. It’s not just a simple vacation, it’s an opportunity to develop leadership skills and a global perspective!


And that was Ambar! She was a wonderfully kind person to talk to and incredibly professional. She clearly has the drive to rise up and spread awareness of peace and leadership to all young people! To learn more about AIESEC, check them out on Facebook.