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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.


There are those who boast their unselfish and non-materialistic attitudes. We could mimic their ways and preach to the heavens that we’re solely focused on the true meaning of the holiday season. However, if we’re completely honest with ourselves, gifts constitute a pretty big part of our ‘To Do List’. Speaking of which… Crap. You forgot to buy (insert name here) a present again. No worries, my dear. We’ve collected a few items that are sure to delight the people in your gift list, from the old lady that lives a block down, to the guy with the dreamy eyes in your class. No need to thank us. (How would you ever survive without us?)


1. For the Game of Thrones fan in your life (buy it here):


If you’re going to drink, why not do it Lannister style?


2. For the girl who’s always late (buy it here):


Might as well get two of these, since this also applies to you.


3. For your secret crush (buy it here.):

Send a subtle message with this pillow.


4. For the bookworm (buy it here):

Give your bookworm friend the gift of happiness.


5. For your best friend (buy it here):



The only downside to this is people asking you what ‘PART I CR’ means.


6. For the coffee enthusiast (buy it here):

Wake up and stare at this slightly uncomfortable mug.


7. For a cat lover (buy it here):


The cats have taken over your body. Might as well get used to it.


8. For your plant-loving friend (buy it here):


The plant is on his butt. That is all.


9. For new parents (buy it here):



Slightly useless. Only slightly.



10. For the lovable dork (buy it here):



So that they’re always reminded of how much fun they could be having at home with their console.


11. For the Star Wars lover (buy it here):



A fun toaster that screams STAR WARS in every single slice? Yes.


12. For the unicorn fanatic (buy it here):

Do your makeup or strap them to your forehead. The choice is yours.


13. For the aspiring photographer (buy it here):

Is that Bruno Mars?! SNAP! Good thing I had my incredibly heavy camera on my hip.


14. For the aspiring artist (buy it here):

Who doesn’t like to be reminded of the mess that comes with painting?


15. For the Kanye to your Kim (buy it here)

You know who I’m talking about. They’ll love this. Do it.

Hey, there! My name's Yamilet but you can call me Yami (way cuter, right?). I'm a psychology major student at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus, who also happens to enjoy writing in her spare time. I have a pug named Sushi, and together we come up with stories to share with the world!