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If there is something to be said about 2017, it’s that it was filled with incredible music. Especially that from female artists in the music industry. Ladies sure did speak about important issues like mental health, toxic relationships, sexual liberation, and so on–no matter the genre. There was no stopping them!

Here’s a summary of those “Top Albums of the Year” by our favorite female artists (just in case you missed a few).


1. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom by Halsey

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is the audial proof of artistic growth and evolvement as we see Halsey mature from Badlands to her newest release. It is poetic, dark, lonely, beautiful, and hopeful all at the same time.”

– Josie Melendez

Still haven’t had the chance to listen to it? Check out: ” Sorry


2. Rainbow by Kesha

“It’ is Kesha’s comeback album after going through not only a sexual assault but also an assault on her intellectual property and art. She is a great, strong female role model this year that deserves the recognition.”

– Illeana Melendez

Check out:  “Learn to Let Go


3.  ‘Dua Lipa’ by Dua Lipa

“The album is full of songs written by the singer herself and each and every one of them gives us a piece of the artist that we can relate to with all our heart.”

– Paola Coral Velásquez

Check out: ” Homesick


4. Melodrama by Lorde

“Melodrama is a masterpiece. Somehow, Lorde managed to capture a specific space and time in an album and invites us to live it with her. It is heart wrenching and beautiful. By far one of the best albums of the year, which comes as no surprise that it’s being nominated for said category in the Grammys.”

– Agnes Sastre Rivera

Want to get a taste of Melodrama? Check out: “​Perfect Places


5. Reputation by Taylor Swift

“With this album, she truly shows us what confidence is: confidence in herself, in her actions, and in her choices. I think we could all learn so much from this album.”

– Sara Umpierre

Sara recommends: “Getaway Car


6.  CTRL by SZA

“SZA is the voice of our generation. This album is a masterpiece about a girl navigating in life: —dating, falling in love, dealing with dusty boys, self-doubt, acceptance, and more. CTRL explores sexual freedom while still desiring to be taken seriously. This record is about a woman who is in CTRL of her life.”

– Liz Hernández​

To get a taste of SZA’s album check out the song: “Love Galore (feat. Travis Scott)


7.  Lust for Life by Lana Del Rey

“Lust for Life stays true to Lana’s soulful and enchanting style. With classic rock influence and hip-hop beats, she creates a beautiful love letter to California. The album tells a story of hope and will pull you into her dreamy world with her haunting vocals.”

– Thalia M. Sevilla

Thalia recommends the song: “Cherry


8. BLUE LIPS (Lady Wood Phase II) by Tove Lo

“BLUE LIPS (Lady Wood Phase II) is a sequel to her previous electro-pop album Lady Wood. Tove Lo celebrates feminine sexuality and having fun without any shame. It talks about the highs and lows in a relationship, so there is also a lot of emotion. She shows confidence and vulnerability in this album, making you experience her crazy life too.”

– Thalia M. Sevilla

Check out: “Disco Tits


9. Tell Me You Love Me by Demi Lovato

“Demi’s comes back like a force of nature on her newest album. She incorporates a more soulful approach, and honestly, she sounds more mature. Her songs are filled with life experiences and relatable topics. Also, her voice kills throughout the whole album.”

– Sara Umpierre

Check out: “Tell Me You Love Me


10. All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell by PVRIS

“This album shows a great vocal range and the growth of a band as both human beings and musicians. It displays endless creativity and harmony with the contrast of using what is good and bad in life. PVRIS manages to portray life itself; with all the beauty, pain, joy, suffering, and excitement that is living it.”

– Fabiola Reyes Matanzo

Check out the song:  “Anyone Else


11. After Laughter by Paramore

“Paramore invites us to laugh while we cry in their newest studio album, After Laughter. Introducing a fresh and funky sound, the band ventures on a self-reflecting trip. The lyrics are much sadder and personal than in their previous releases, speaking blatantly about struggles with depression and anxiety. It tells the listener that it’s okay to cry and be sad, and that it’s important to embrace your feelings and who you are as an individual.”

– Aisha N. Lebrón

Check out: “Rose-Colored Boy


The year has gifted us with great musical releases, one after another. It has been an amazing year in music, for women, and for everything else in between! Let’s start up the new year hoping for more new and exciting albums from our fellow gals!


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