Top 4 Benefits Of Doing An Internship

Doing an internship during college can help you in many ways. Whether it’s paid or unpaid, the internship is an opportunity too good to pass up.

1. Find Out If This Is The Career You Want

If you choose to do an internship in your field of study you get to test for yourself if that’s what you really like. It’s important to make sure that you’re truly passionate about your major because what you learn in class will never be the same as what you’ll learn in the practice. So my advice is to find an opportunity that confirms that the career you chose will meet your needs in the future.

2. Learn More About Your Major

There is nothing more important than to learn more information about your major through hands on experience. An internship will allow the student to practice the theory and learn even more about the field. The opportunity of learning outside the classroom will be beneficial for when you get a job. 

3. Build Your Resume

Having the perfect resume can guarantee a job offer. This is one of the main reasons I don’t hesitate when there is an opportunity of doing an internship. The experience and reputation that you get after doing an internship is the best pay-off. It can even improve your chances of getting a job as soon as you graduate!

4. Networking, Networking and Networking

When you get the internship, besides doing a great job and learning, you need to keep in mind that networking with your coworkers is extremely important. You have to build a connection! Otherwise they may not be interested in offering you a job opportunity in the future. Networking can save you the spot.

Remember that doing an internship is an opportunity to grow professionally and personally! 

Here are some programs that you may want to consider looking into before graduating:

HACU National Internship Program

Córdova Congressional Internship Program

Ramos Comas Legislative Internship

Fundación García Renaldi


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