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Tips for Doing Better Academically This Year

As we all say, new year, new you. It’s the perfect time for renewing yourself and change things for the better. Not only in your personal life but also, in your academic life. We know that the vast majority of the time our resolutions for the new year are empty promises; however, if you think you could have done better in your classes last semester, that maybe you didn’t give it your all, it’s time to change that. Yes, college life is supposed to be fun and exciting, but never forget that your classes and grades are the priority. Here are some tips that may help you get a better school life.


1. Find your own learning style.

We all study differently. Some like to study two weeks before an exam, some study the day before. Other people like to write never-ending notes while others – just by reading the given materials – are all set. Take time for discovering your preferred way of studying and don’t waste time learning in a way that doesn’t suit you.

2. Look for a place you can concentrate!

Sometimes your house doesn’t quite cut it. Find a place where you can think and work with lesser distractions. Be it your college library or the café near you, try to be in an environment that motivates you and helps you work.


3. Build a routine.

By creating your own routine for each day where you dedicate Mondays and Wednesdays to going to the library and work on your readings, while on Fridays you apply yourself to write, can make you accustomed to being productive. Taking an hour or two from specific days can make a huge difference, so we really suggest you try it.


4. Rise above procrastination!

We understand this is a tough thing to do. However, be better than that voice inside you that tells you “I’ll do it later” when clearly you have time now! You can be lazy later on, but now, bring yourself to be better productively! You can do it!


5. Make yourself noticed in class.

We’re not saying to be a know-it-all in your classes, but at least try to contribute once in awhile. Even if it is only reading some quotes from a text or answering a question. Just prove your existence to the professor, this will prove to be useful in the long run, and those participation points can never hurt.


6. Actually, do your assignments.

Guys, come on, at least do the readings they assign you. Doing your work on time will leave an impression on your professor of what type of student you are.


7. Talk to your professors!

Never be afraid to talk to them. If you have a doubt, ask them. If you didn’t do well on a test, ask for options and what you can change to do better on the next one. If you followed step #5 and #6, then it will be easier for him/her to recognize you and know that you’re a responsible student. It’ll be easier for them to give you a break.


8.  Make connections in your classes.

I know that probably some of you guys are shy or really don’t like to talk to your classmates, but sometimes knowing at least one person can be a lifesaver. They can help you if you don’t understand the discussions, you can be in study groups, give you what you missed in class that day you were sick and maybe even help on you on tests.


9. Let it cool down.

Yes, studying is important, but you can’t do it with a tired mind. Always rest when you feel stressed – or about to implode – with all the information you have on your mind, or just rest when you want to. Don’t rush and/or push your learning. Pause it and just breath, eat and sleep.


10. Reward yourself.

You won’t have any greater motivation than this one. You finished the introduction to your essay, take time to use your phone. You finished those dreaded Physics exercises, then watch your favorite series. You started your research today, take a nap. If we reward ourselves with small tasks we love to do after finishing our assignments, it will make the work process a little more bearable knowing what will do after it’s done. Also, you deserve it.


We hope that these tips will be useful to you guys! And remember, treat yo’self to academic success!


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