Tiny House Living

The adult world is certainly a difficult, challenging, and inevitable road. We’re all forced to grow up at some point! This growth process brings up so many questions, fears, doubts, and more. One of the questions that will definitely pop into your head is where will you work. But there’s also the question of where will you reside in the place you’ll call “home”.

The process of finding a place to live in can be ridiculously daunting, and there’s the age-old question of renting or buying. Even if you’re not going through the process alone, and you’re doing it with your beloved partner, finding that perfect place is not an easy decision. There are many houses to choose from or you could simply build your own. Sometimes, you need to work around a certain budget that you could afford, and that is where tiny houses come in to save you. 



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What are tiny houses? 

Tiny houses are homes that are built with a square footage in between 100 and 400 square feet. There are tiny houses that you could rent or even start from scratch; also, you could build a tiny house on a foundation or build a tiny house on wheels so you can take your house anywhere you’d like and not reside in just one place. As long as you  pay for land rental, insurance, and any other legal paperwork in regards to the land of residence, you’re good to go!



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Deciding on living in a tiny house means that you accept the Tiny House Movement where its philosophy lies in “simplicity and living with less” that eventually leads to more. Just as a tiny house blogger states, “In my own journey, I started out in an apartment that cost me $1000 per month once you added in utilities, insurance, etc. Once I moved into my tiny house, my bills virtually disappeared, it now costs me $15 (yes you read that right, fifteen dollars!) per month.” Living the “tiny life” leads to lots of financial advantages in savings of every kind and to a life filled with adventure. 

Taking Matt and Lisa as an example, they are a couple who decided to build a tiny house on wheels and utilized their knowledge to create a modern house with lots of space and ways to utilize their space to the utmost advantage as shown in the pictures above. It’s a perfect example for young couples to take and consider for their livelihood. 

All in all, living small is surely living big in saving money and space for the real necessities in life. You don’t need to have a huge house with lots of items you don’t need when you can live comfortably in a well-made tiny house and earn savings for the bigger things in life such as college, work, or traveling opportunities all over the world. 

For more information on tiny houses, you can check out The Tiny Life blog, the Living Big in a Tiny House YouTube channel, and Matt and Lisa’s Instagram page of their tips on constructing a tiny house on your own.