These Are All The Problems With Women’s Clothes

Even when if you don’t realize it, what you wear can be a pretty big deal. An outfit can make or break your day. It can make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. For some people, it’s a way to show off their personality, your feelings and what you like. Getting different pieces together and making new combinations is always fun. However, shopping for them can turn into a nightmare. Size can vary from store to store. Some garments look like they’ve never been modeled on a real human body and other clothes just don’t come in the size range you need. After several hours at the mall, you leave empty-handed. Let me tell you a secret: it’s not you, it’s the clothes!


  1. 1. The sizing is WACK

    One of the biggest problems with women’s clothes is sizing. Women’s sizes can vary drastically from store to store (and even from piece to piece!). When you go to the changing room, you have like ten different sizes of the same item. You go through a mountain of clothes just to find out what size you are in a specific brand. Even then, there are days when you go to the fitting room and it just won’t fit. It’s super frustrating and it can make you feel like you don’t know your own body.

    Another big problem with sizes is the lack of them! Maybe it’s bad luck or maybe the world truly is against you, but that bottom you just love so much isn’t in your size! You walk up and there it is ( the skirt that would go perfect with your pink shirt). A second later you realize it’s in every other size except in yours.  It also sucks when you’re between two sizes: you pick a size small and a size medium and then proceed to break down because the small is too tight and the medium too big. This struggle is especially frantic for plus-size women. Affordable cute clothes, trendy items, and a very small range of sizes are every woman’s nightmare but it’s the daily struggle for plus-size women.

  2. 2. Jumpsuits

    Jumpsuits are really on-trend right now. They’re super comfortable and everyone looks super cute in them. It’s a powerful piece, but finding one that fits perfectly is a darn challenge. Somehow manufacturers believe that everyone's body is perfectly proportionate and every person on the planet that has tried on a jumpsuit knows that that’s a lie. We all have different bodies. You can have big shoulders and small hips or small shoulders and big hips. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that… unless you want a jumpsuit. When they fit on the legs they are big on the torso and when you know that it will fit the torso it won’t go up your legs. You just can’t win. Then there’s going to the bathroom. When you go to the bathroom, you’re basically naked. Make sure that you check the lock at least twice!

  3. 3. Why are pants always such a weird length?

    Buying pants is a pain. There’s always something wrong.  They’re always too short (paticortos!) or too long (and end pooling around your ankles!). It’s something that we have to deal with since apparently, the perfect length doesn’t exist. So you either show off your ankles to the world or never wear high boots with those pants. Then, there’s the dreaded waist gap. For women who are curvy, have big thighs and big butts, pants absolutely refuse to hug your curves. Instead, los pantalones te bailan. Of course, you can use a belt, but it’ll just dig into your back every time you sit down.

  4. 4. Where are the pockets?

    Seriously, where are they? Is there some worldwide conspiracy for women not to have pockets? Do women’s clothes not have pockets so we’re forced to buy purses? And this doesn’t just apply to pants! Rompers, dresses, skirts, where are your pockets? For some reason, our garments pants rarely have pockets. Maybe designers think we just like to carry purses--which no, just no. All I want to say is that whoever decided that women don’t deserve to have pockets is an awful person. If a miracle occurs and you find a pair of pants without these problems, buy four of them and tell all your girlfriends about it. And for the love of God, just add pockets.

  5. 5. Buttoned shirts are a hazard

    Using a shirt with buttons means that you’re constantly living in danger. First, the buttons are always loose. Why aren’t they sown on tightly enough that they won’t unravel? You don’t even dare to touch them too much for fear that they’ll just call it quits (and they do, when you least expect it). It’s either loose buttons or your shirt is popping open every half hour. My people with the big boobs know what I’m talking about. When you wear a button down shirt, you’ll get at least one, “Ummm, hey, your shirt is open”. Even though it’s not necessarily mortifying, sometimes it’s just plain embarrassing. If your buttons are kind to you and don’t pop open, there’ll be that little weird gap where you can see a lil patch of skin out for show and you’ll feel like everyone is looking at it (even if they’re really not). Finally, button-down shirts are weirdly tight on the arms and shoulders, but loose on your torso. Can we all agree to burn the ill-fitting button-down shirts?

  6. 6. Shorts are made out of reject pants

    Like a pair of pants, shorts lack a perfect length. Sometimes they’re too short and you take the risk of showing your butt to everyone (unless that’s what you’re going for, in which case: peach time!). Other times they’re too long to the point they look weird. There’s also the fact that when you sit they’ll probably cut the blood flow of your thighs. And speaking of thighs, if you have powerfully thick thighs, shorts can be your biggest enemy. They can cause friction when you walk and the thigh chafe will say hi. You’ll end up waddling like a penguin.

  7. 7. Skirts and dresses are a weird length and so flimsy

    With skirts and dresses, the risks of exposure are big. One wrong move or the breath of wild wind and suddenly you flashed everyone. Just like shorts they’re or too short or too long. Of course, you could minimize the risk of exposure if you used a short under it, but like everything in life, that will also bring other problems. If the shorts are longer than the dress, then they’ll just be saying hi to everyone. Then, there are the shorts that ride up and give you a major wedgie. However, if the dress is really really cute, you can always risk it and nobody will care.

  8. 8. Heels… cute but oh so painful

    Shoes are a work of art. Some are just so beautiful. But, they’re also painful. When you walk in heels, you’re not just tempting gravity, you’re tempting fate as well. You’ll look cute af, but it will definitely feel like someone is stabbing your foot. During the first hour (hours if you’re lucky) you’re going to be walking like you are on the runway but after that, it’s Bambi time. Heels aren’t the only problem shoe. Some people have wide feet and finding shoes is a total pain for them since shoes tend to run narrow. Is having affordable, comfortable and cute shoes really such a hassle?

  9. 9. The Booby Cages

    Do I really need to explain this one? Bras are uncomfortable and finding one in the right size and also comfortable is hell. Your cup size may vary from style to style and brand to brand. Unlike other clothes, some stores won’t let you try them on before buying them.  Plus, the cost so much. You’ll drop so much money when you need a new one. Bras are also backstabbers. If you use wire bras you know where this is going. The rod pops out and impales you. Plus, bras make you sweet, can be itchy, uncomfortable and restricting. Who needs them? Free the nipple, amiright? Well, unless you’re a woman with a triple-d size, then you probably really need the support.

  10. 10. This costs how much?!

    Sometimes you do hit the motherload and find an article of clothing that fits perfectly, is cute, and is made of good quality. Then, you look at the price tag. Most of the time the clothes are out of our limited college student budget. You either eat or buy a shirt. It’s incredible how something so simple like a piece of thin fabric can be so expensive. Even when you choose the least expensive pieces you still end up paying like 80 bucks for a t-shirt and a pair of pants and that’s without mentioning the shoes.

Finding the perfect clothes for you can take some time and patience. Even if you end with your hands empty most of the time, you have to keep looking for that ideal one. Don’t let frustration get you and have fun while shopping. Remember that they will be your clothes, so what matters is that you feel comfortable, confident and radiant in them. Once you find those perfect pieces all the frustration will go away and you will be ready to take over the world.