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The Non-stressful Part of Moving: Curating Your New Space

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

Being in my early twenties, I have moved houses only a handful of times, two, to be precise, but it hasn’t made the looming of a third time any more appealing. Heavy boxes, strewn out clothes, and broken things can all be part of the strenuous process of moving from one place to another. And there are very different thoughts throughout the process of moving. I find myself feeling like a ping pong ball, in between two prominent thoughts that constantly weigh on me whenever I have to do any more packing: 

  1. Why did I buy this? 
  2. How much heavier can this box be? 

To be frank, I always end up with fairly simple answers. I bought this (more often than not, a book or an album) because things I like make the space I live in my home and, yes, this box can definitely hold more. It’s a repeating cycle until my entire room is packed up, but it doesn’t become any less daunting no matter how many times I go through it. “Third time’s the charm,” they say, however, and I ended up finding a couple of things that actually seemed helpful, and almost fun, about the whole moving process. We become so concentrated on the task at hand, and sometimes stressing over the inevitable, that future outcomes or possibilities seem, well, nonexistent. It shouldn’t be that way, not always at least. 

Beyond learning how to gather my hanging clothes from the closet without having to fold them (use a trash bag!), stacking my books first and my albums second, and remembering to label my boxes, I’ve found that the prospect of having a new space to curate deeply helps and even motivates me into the whole idea of moving. The spaces we frequent often have a great impact on our lives and, if you’re anything like me, our rooms are the number one spot that may or may not impact us. I find it comforting when I’m surrounded by things I like, when I’m able to display them how I want, and when I can simply do what I want to curate the space I spent most of my time in. 

Moving places gives me ample new ideas and options to curate my space.

Moving is awful, and I find myself wanting to practice teleporting more often than not, but my Pinterest board is filled to bursting with ideas and I’m unable to think about anything other than how I’ll arrange my new place. There’s something unique and personal about having a new space to curate, to personalize this new room better to the ever-changing likings we experience, and even dare ourselves to spend a little to make it perfect. 

Sure, I found a pair of earrings that I lost a year ago and twenty dollars in between my books. But, the idea of curating my new space triumphs any stressful idea and small win I could experience throughout the entire moving process. My utmost recommendation would be to do a vision board, visit Ikea, maybe daydream about your new space, and perhaps, just maybe, that move won’t feel half as stressful as it might have. 

Lislenny Torres is an undergraduate student majoring in Political Science at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. She enjoys reading and listening to music and believes there is much to understand from the world through art. Writing is a big part of her life, Lislenny takes parts of her every day life and of nature apart and often writes them into a poem or a story.