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The Best Places For Lunch Dates In Río Piedras

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

As a student at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus, while I do love my campus, sometimes I need a little break. During my years as a student, I have discovered that a nice lunch date with friends is always a welcome way to distract ourselves. Here are some of my tried and true go-to places for winding down and relaxing with friends.

Café comunión

I visit this spot at least twice a week. Everything is perfect here. The atmosphere and staff is absolutely lovely. I love their Vanilla Iced Lattes and their food is also delicious. I’ve had their sandwiches, soups, and breakfasts and everything has been amazing. You will never leave Café Comunión disappointed. 

Pocillo Dulce

This is another place for amazing coffee and food. They have great pastries for those with a sweet tooth as well. Their staff is also very welcoming and sweet. They have an indoor and an outdoor seating area which can be used depending on your mood. 

Selena Pizzeria 

This is one of the best pizza places I have been to! At Selena Pizzeria they have done a great job of combining different flavors to create masterpieces and integrating vegan options. It is a very cute and aesthetic spot. It is definitely worth a visit. 

Los Monkeys 

If you are in the mood for burgers and fries, this is definitely the place to go. All of their food is amazing, but I absolutely adore their fries. They also have a great range of options like soy burgers, wraps, and tacos. 


Arrope has been one of my favorites since my Freshman year. They have a great variety of food to choose from. Here you can order pancakes or french toast, an iced coffee, pasta, or even “comida criolla.” It can be a great place to go when you are indecisive about what to eat or if you are in a big group. 

I hope you can visit and enjoy these places as much as I do and that you can keep discovering other amazing places in Río Piedras!

Adriana Nieves is a writer at the Her Campus at UPR chapter. She enjoys writing about movies, books, music, fashion, and personal experiences. Currently, Adriana is an undergraduate student at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. She is studying Italian and Public Relations & Advertising. Adriana is the person you go to for some pop culture references and can often be found at the movies, hanging out with friends, or driving while listening to music really loud. She is currently trying to downsize her caffeine consumption.