Student Council President Christian Arvelo Forteza

Name: Christian Arvelo Forteza 

Age: 20

Hometown: Guaynabo, PR

Major: Political Science

1. HCUPR: What made you become interested in political science?

Christian: It's what I am passionate about, it's my calling. Ever since I was little, I developed a long standing interest for the political sciences. Another thing was that I used to be part of my high school Model UN team and that experience definitely turned me into a political junkie. 

2. HCUPR: What's the most/least thing you like about your major?

Christian: Diversity of opinions. Theorists. Platon. Aristotle. Socrates. Debates. Ideas. Issues. Community. That's what I enjoy the most... As for the least, that's difficult because there isn't anything that I necessarily don't like about political science. Political science is in everything...relationships, legislature, it's even in your house with your parents, you name it. It's the exercise of power, and in this case, what I despise the most is the bad practice of political science perse. I criticize the people that study the discipline and practice it wrongfully.

3. HCUPR: What are your future career plans? 

Christian: My short-term plan is to earn a master's degree in public administration and long-term is to go to law school. 

4. HCUPR: Want to be an entrepreneur? 

Christian: I certainly do not rule that out...

5. HCUPR: What about law school, why do you want to become a lawyer? 

Christian: It's the goal that I've traced for myself. Ever since I discovered that politics and issues about public administration was in my interests, I decided that going to law school would give me that extra knowledge that I need to have more perspective. I will finish my studies and based on the tools and the opportunities readily available, I will make an informed decision about my next step...

6. HCUPR: Describe yourself in three words...

Christian: Tenacious, disciplined, and unbiased (it depends on the circumstance) 

7. Extracurricular activities?

Christian: On Saturdays, I teach a Tae Kwon Do class to little kids.

8. HCUPR: Favorite TV show...

Christian: Bayly

9. HCUPR: Favorite food?

Christian: Chinese food

10. HCUPR: Top 3 favorite movies?

Christian: Scarface, GoldenEye 007 and No Country For Old Men

11. HCUPR: Fun fact?

Christian: I would like to publish a book or collaborate in one, eventually...

12. HCUPR: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Christian: In Puerto Rico, definitely...

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