Should Bad Bunny Open a Third Concert Function?

It’s pretty clear that the trending artist of the season is Bad Bunny. From his musical talent to his innovative outfits, Benito Antonio has definitely become a sensation. During these past weeks, one of the main talks about Bad Bunny was the announcement of his first concert in the Coliseo de Puerto Rico.  The concert was dated for March 8th, 2019, and his fans were instantly driven crazy over the news.

The concert was announced on Tuesday, October 9th and it was also announced that a pre-sale for the tickets would begin the following day for T-mobile clients; the general sale would begin the following day at midnight.  However, by the time the general sale began, fans found that most tickets had already been sold. Within hours the remaining tickets had been sold, which created an aura of dissatisfaction within many fans.  It was because of this backlash from unhappy fans that Bad Bunny decided to open a second concert function dated Saturday, March 9th.

Tension grew among the fanbase as the sale began, and within hours the function was completely sold out once again. Hundreds of fans were disappointed as they had once again lost the opportunity to see the Latin trap sensation live. This resulted in a petition for a third concert function among the fanbase. This request reached the extent to which even the governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello, tweeted a request for Bad Bunny to have a third performance: “@badbunnyPR, felicitaciones por vender en tiempo récord tus dos conciertos, te has ganado el cariño de todo #PuertoRico. Sin embargo mucha gente que te quiere ver no tendrá la oportunidad. Te pido a nombre del pueblo que abras una tercera función. ¿#EstamosBien?”


However, it is questionable if having a third concert really is the best choice for Bad Bunny. Although it would please many of his fans, it probably would not favor Benito on a personal level. Bunny has openly expressed that the following date to his second concert is, in fact, his birthday and that he would not like to work on this date. On the other hand, during the past weeks, it has been public knowledge that the singer has experienced health issues. In fact, he had to cancel two concerts due to severe pains he began to experience amidst his performance, which rumors later indicated were due to physical exhaustion. 

We hope this sheds some light on why Bad Bunny shouldn't have a third function.