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It’s no secret that Shakira is one fierce latina. She sings, plays the keyboard, the guitar, the drums, and is an amazing dancer. Besides being super talented, she is one of the most influential latino artists of all time. Everyone knows who she is, no matter their nationality, because she has made a name for herself. Her look plays a very important role in her career because it is very carefree, just like her personality and music.

Shakira rarely ever straightens her hair or wears makeup when she performs. She is usually not seen wearing heels or super over-the-top outfits. On stage, she is who she is and all of her performances are based on her talent. She doesn’t need a bunch of lights, dancers, props, or even a crazy stage to draw and keep the attention of her audience. Her simple performances, in which she is usually barefoot, are a homage to the art of dance.It’s just her and her microphone. So what do people love so much about her performances? 

The answer is simple: they love her. We often see artists who are extravagant when it comes to everything. While it is  fun to watch, most people can’t really relate to having perfect hair and wearing expensive clothes all the time. People love watching what they can relate to. Curly hair is very common among latinas because of our roots. We tend to be  mixed, so our African heritage plays a very important role in the way we look. We love seeing women who embrace their natural hair because it makes us proud to embrace ours as well. When it comes to makeup, most latinas would prefer to go natural on a daily basis because of the weather. Life in Latin America is hot and humid. Shakira rarely wears heavy makeup, and we love it!

Her dancing skills are also one of her most popular traits, as she is the epitome of most latina women: a great dancer. Dancing is part of our culture, so it’s no surprise that this Colombian loves it as much as she loves making music.

Latina women look up to Shakira because her appeal goes way beyond her looks. Although she is beautiful, she presents herself naturally. We appreciate this because, in a world where looks are everything and fashion changes constantly, her roots have remained the same.


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