"The Roommate Book: Sharing Lives & Slapping Fives" When a Total Stranger becomes your best friend

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You finally move out of your home with your parents and move into a dorm on or off campus with a total stranger. You've heard all of the rumors of the "negatives" of living with a roommate, yet you can't help but wonder if you should warm up to the person or not. Becky Simpson's The Roommate Book: Sharing Lives & Slapping Fives shows you the bright side of living with someone else for a certain amount of time. 

A roommate can be your best friend or worst nightmare. Becky Simpson herself has had a total of 19 roommates during her lifetime when she wrote this book, so she pretty much had her work cut out for her. She adds relatable humor for her readers (whether they live alone or actually do have a roommate) and quotes as well.

Even if you don’t have a roommate, there’s a lot of ideas for you to have an amazing and creative time in the joy of your own home (of course, it’s preferable to do some of the activities with a friend to make it even more fun). There are even some tips on how you can decorate your dorm or even make a fort perfect for binge watching on your favorite series. There’s a lot of quizzes as well - even if you don’t have a roommate, they’re good in making you realize what kind of roommate you would be and/or how you can be a better one as well.

I give this book 5 stars because of how helpful and organized it is. The hints of humor were really welcoming to the point where you feel like you’re interacting with someone like you (or your best friend). If you want to know the joys of living with a roommate or you want ideas on how to make your place comfortable and fun, I definitely recommend this book.