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The Return of The Bees

Las Abejas, formerly known as The Bee’s Knees, are most definitely back. As everyone swerved in their own way, heavy guitar riffs filled up the rooms of El Local in Santurce as Las Abejas performed for the first time new tracks off of their soon to be launched second album.

After a quirky performance by the opening band, The Flying Dodo Society, members Cristian Zayas, Jorge Pérez, and Jose Iván Lebrón of Las Abejas began to set up their instruments. You could sense the people were just itching to get up and dance. 

At the first sound of the feedback caused by the microphone, you heard a distorted, “Éstas son Las Abejas, 2, 3, 4…” (These are Las Abejas) and the band commenced with a deeply based, foot thumping song which was a refreshing, new sound for Las Abejas’ fans. Right off the bat, you could sense a darker feel in there new songs versus their first album, I Be Making Thoughts. A much more psychedelic guitar accompanied by deep bass lines mixed with their classic 60’s garage-punk style.

At first, the audience seemed shy, but once the drummer Jose Iván introduced the third song saying, “Ésta es pa’ que brinquen,” (This one is for you to jump to) people began to enter the room and dance in their own unique way to the sick music that was being played. Everybody found their dancing shoes when they played the title track I Be Making Thoughts, from their first album. After an encore performance and some intense moshing by the audience, the night ended when Adrián Martínez, student of the UPRRP, took the mike and sang off the band to the rhythm of reggaeton, “Pool party en la iupi, 7 de mayo…” Trust me readers, this announcement is legit. Count on us to be present!

Track List

  1. Jam
  2. Kanna
  3. Beeswax
  4. Wasted
  5. Guys n Gals
  6. Running and Driving
  7. ¿Serás Tú?
  8. Honey
  9. Psych
  10. Detachment of an Analyst
  11. Convictions
  12. I Be Making Thoughts
  13. Ragdoll
  14. Try It

Stay tuned to their Bandcamp Page. In June, their new album is set to be released!

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Guillermo Ortíz

Silvino Edward

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