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In the upcoming days, 24K will be gracing the stage in the island of Puerto Rico, but who exactly are they?



24K is a Korean band composed of 6 members: Cory (leader), Kisu (main vocalist), Jeonguk (main rapper and main dancer), Changsun (vocalist and lead dancer), Jinhong (lead vocalist, lead dancer and visual), and Hongseob (maknae, vocalist and lead dancer). The band’s name originally meant “2 dancing machines, 4 main vocals,” but not long ago it changed to  “Like gold, to shine forever.” They debuted on September 6, 2012, with their Hurry Up EP, and the group is administered by Choeun Entertainment.

Their music is a mix of Pop, EDM, Hip Hop and a few ballads, which is what makes them very popular in the K-Pop world. Some of their most popular songs include Super Fly, ONLY YOU, BINGO and Still 24K, among others!



They will be touring this year around America, and on this tour, we are included! The San Juan, Puerto Rico show will be on February 24th at El Teatro Francisco Arrivi—hosted by studio PAV M&C, Dream Productions PR.



Are you as excited as we are, and what are you looking forward to the most? Let us know on Twitter!


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