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Puerto Rico Comic Con 2018: 3 Whole Days Full of Madness, Fun, Activities and Geeking

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

Puerto Rico Comic Con 2018: 3 Whole Days Full of Madness, Fun, Activities and Geeking



Puerto Rico Comic Con 2018 ended and to be honest this was my favorite Comic Con so far. Full of energetic days, packed with making more memories.


Puerto Rico Comic Con was awesome enough to give us a Press Pass for the whole weekend, and let me tell you when I opened that email to see the notification, I couldn’t have been happier. The weekend came up, I got my gear and badge ready, and headed to Comic Con. This is what happened!


Day 1: Friday!


I arrived around 1pm, andit was comfortable to walk around the convention. Not too full, yet not too empty. One of the things that immediately caught my eye when I entered was Coca-Cola’s Booth. OMG. It was a blast to the past—the nostalgia hit hard. After this, my eyes caught the big booth Malta India had, and it was a stunt studio! It was so wickedly cool! You got tied up and pulled up so you would feel like you were flying.




I spent the rest of the day talking to cosplayers and was mesmerized with their amazing cosplays, seeing all the amazing art that the artist alley had, and playing Just Dance in the Extra Life booth.



My highlight of that day? I was able to finally meet Gail Simone, my favorite DC Comics writer who got me into comics with her Batgirl stories. BIGGEST FANGIRL MOMENT EVER! She was so amazing and so sweet! I was a ball of shyness when I met her. After chatting for a while I got to ask her if she would let me do a mini interview with her for the Her Campus blog, and she agreed to it. Which we were able to shoot on sunday (be on the lookout for the video!)



Day 2: Saturday!




Saturday. Saturday. SATURDAY. It was packed; it was amazing. WOW. So many things happening around you. Mini Thor walking by you, Deadpool chilling by the Monster Booth, and cosplayers everywhere! Nostalgia hit me when I saw this amazing Anastasia Cosplay. Thumbs up for her!




One of the best parts about this day? There were SO MANY families all together cosplaying and sharing Comic Con. My heart was full of joy when I saw the happiness the kids showed running around with their costumes and posing so professionally whenever someone asked for a picture. You can see there that Comic Con is not only for geeks or teenagers, it’s for all ages, sizes, you name it. I even saw an almost 4-month-old baby dressed up in his Spider-Man costume sleeping calmly in his stroller.



Day 3: Sunday! and Final Day


Last day of Puerto Rico Comic Con 2018. I took this day to keep chatting and walking around the artist alleys and some other interesting booths like Gaming Zone, who taught us how to play the famous DC Comics deck building game—which basically got us hooked, and we ended up playing for over an hour. Huge thanks to the boys that taught us how to play!


Another incredible thing that happened, I was able to interview Jim Starlin, the creator of Thanos, Gamora and Drax. I also finally got to interview Gail Simone! The interviews were fantastic, and I cannot wait ‘til you guys see them. After that, we ended up talking a little bit more about their goals and other interesting advice for aspiring writers and illustrators.




After talking to Gail and Jim, and spending my time cruising around the artist booths and playing some games in the Extra Life booth, it was time to say our goodbyes to Comic Con. It was a fun 3 day experience filled with laughs, friends and family, amazing cosplays, amazing guest, and a first-time opportunity of a lifetime. So I have to give a huge thanks to PR Comic Con for making this happen, and hopefully we’ll meet again next year!


“May the Force be with you, live long and prosper and always geek out.”


Artist, Student and Fangirl. I love to draw, listen to music and take pictures.