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With Christmas rapidly approaching, I’ve always found that nothing gets you more in the holiday spirit than baking some delicious traditional Christmas desserts with some help from your friends and family. Joking around the kitchen, the smell of sweets coming from the oven and, of course, the yummy treats you can snack on after are the perfect combination to wind up as merry as Rudolph himself. Here are some ideas of what you could bake with your loved ones to help get you in the Puerto Rican Christmas mood:


Flan will always be a hit in every household. It’s a classic that can be interpreted in a million different ways. It can be flavored as: coconut, cheese, vanilla, guava, Nutella and the list goes on and on. This treat will definitely satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. The recipe is fairly simple to follow and the instructions are straightforward, guaranteeing a good baking time.


This Puerto Rican classic is a star studded confection because of its deliciously magical coconut and spicy cinnamon flavors. With its jelly-like consistency, this treat is easy to enjoy and tastes amazing. It’s perfect for any overnight Christmas activities.

Arroz con dulce 

This curious dessert uses a Puerto Rican’s favorite ingredient: rice! This pudding-like treat is bound to satisfy the classic lover’s cravings. My grandma always added a lot of raisins in her personal recipe, but you can also add whatever nuts or raisins you might like to add texture to the treat. It’s also storable and lasts fairly long in the fridge.


Similar to the flan in its versatility, coquito is also a surefire hit at any Christmas event you go to. Coquito can be transformed into a variety of flavors, but even in its classic taste, this treat is bound to take you straight into the Christmas mindset. You can enjoy this drink all throughout the month of December (or year round) at any holiday activity to immediately feel that sharp Christmas taste.

So, next time you’re feeling down or unable to feel the holiday spirit, try out these baking ideas with friends to cheer you right up!

Allison Milián Sánchez is an undergraduate student at the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras Campus. She’s studying General Drama. When she isn't writing, she's either reading poetry, plays or screenplays or dying to get back on stage and acting. Allison Milián is here to change the world through art and its never ending beauties!
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