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Places To Go for Your Spring Break Staycation in Puerto Rico

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

Ah, Spring Break; is finally here. Before we cram for finals and other end of semester assignments, we should make the most of Spring Break and wind down and take the time to enjoy ourselves (though self care is important year round!). Are you looking to plan fun and local activities? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Some of these P.R. places might be a bit longer of a drive depending on where you live, but who said road trips can’t be fun? This free time is perfect for taking a day to go somewhere you wouldn’t usually go for your hangouts. So, here is a list of places to go around the island for your Spring Break staycation.  

Let’s start off with some museums!

Carolina has developed a beautiful cultural district that includes Casa Escuté, where you can find an art gallery; an Art and History museum; and Galeria de los Gigantes, where you can learn about famous and historical figures from Carolina. This last bit might be more for you robotics aficionados out there, but Carolina’s Casa de los Gigantes has some life size talking animatronics of these figures, including Julia De Burgos! 

The town of Caguas is great for a nice stroll and to visit small locations like its art museum and El Museo de Artes Populares, home of local craftsmanship and pieces reminiscent of Puerto Rican culture.

And how could we not mention Old San Juan? Along with its historical monuments, it holds many museums (Museo de las Americas and El Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, for example), and other fabulous places like Museo Casa Blanca, a 16th century mansion with artifacts from the time. You can also walk through the grounds and enjoy the amazing view from up where it stands. A fun idea could be to make a list of the places that spark your interest and do some museum jumping while exploring the area, you’re bound to find a place you haven’t visited before.

Places for that perfect Spring Break Insta pic!

What better way to say spring than flowers? Guánica has a sunflower field that’s as pretty as a picture.

El Túnel de Guajataca in Isabela is a neat little piece of history. It used to be part of a 20th century railway route. Nowadays, you can walk through it to a beach.

Lares holds a big part of Puerto Rican history. There, you can visit the town square of Plaza de la Revolución and Heladeria Lares, an ice cream shop with a broad variety of flavors, including some unusual ones like garlic and rice and beans. (Bonus: if you’re looking for somewhere to eat, Lechonera Rancho T is nearby and has some mouth watering morcilla and other delicious foods).

The taíno ceremonial center of Tibes is located in Ponce, an open space where our ancestors once lived. It is one of Puerto Rico’s most important archaeological sites. There is also a small museum where you can learn about taínos, how they lived and their origins.

If you’re looking for “secret spot” vibes, Guaynabo’s Mirador Gavilán is a chill place where you can hang out with friends and enjoy the view.

And to wrap up the Spring Break itinerary, Arecibo’s Autocine Santana is great for a low-key movie night while still being in a different environment.

Here are just a few ideas to choose from. So, just because you’re spending a staycation during Spring Break, doesn’t mean it has to be spent behind doors. Get adventurous, have a blast and enjoy your Spring Break as you should!

Cristina Trejo is a Political Science major at the University of Puerto Rico and aspires to work in International Law. She believes in doing things that fuel your growth and that any experience is good experience. Everyone has their own journey and everyone is figuring things out. It's just a matter of learning and deciding what is best for our true selves.