A Pinterest Moodboard for Your Autumn Dreams

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Let’s be real: it’s summer all year round in Puerto Rico. Add climate change into the mix and we’re still roasting from the heat in the middle of October. That said, living in a tropical island (under intense climate change) doesn’t have to kill your autumn dreams. Fall is a state of mind, and there are a few things you can do to set the mood. 

First off, even though we don’t see our leaves change as drastically, one thing we certainly don’t miss out on is the rain. The Río Piedras Campus, in particular, is surrounded by an invisible force field that constantly produces erratic weather. That’s a fun fact, in case you were unaware. It’s imperative for students to always carry an umbrella, without exception. But if you really wanna get into the fall mood, rain boots are the way to go. You can find them in different colors, solids and prints, tall and ankle-length: options vary. I can tell you from experience, you’ll get compliments each and every time you wear them. Plus, you’ll be the envy of all who have to camp out at the train station or library, unable to get anywhere when drops weigh heavy.

Now, a hurdle you will encounter is something neither an umbrella or appropriate footwear can fix: frizz. Us girls often pride ourselves in our hair, so frizz seriously sucks. The great thing about fall is that it’s all about being snug and cozy, and a messy bun with a cute sweater is the epitome of snug and cozy. Honestly, you can let frizz hang low too if you find a nice fedora to throw on. Fall fashion is big on hats and beanies. But, if you’re still not comfortable with that, braids or any variation of twisted do’s, are also a good hack. When there’s bad weather outside though, it’s better to stay in—where you don’t have to stress about your hair, to begin with.

Another means to get into the autumn feel is by lighting fall-scented candles, while snuggling up with a book and a hot beverage. Days in are also great for catching up on series and watching Halloween/holiday movies. You can cuddle up with some good company for that (e.g. a pet, an S.O., or just an array of snacks). When it’s time to crawl out of the comforts of your climate-controlled space, you can keep up the autumn vibes through your wardrobe. This is where it gets tricky for us islanders. It’s not very sensible to be running around in thigh-high boots, leather jackets, or thick neck scarves in 80+ degrees. However, when the climate does drop to the low 70’s, and the cool breeze starts coming in, you can get away with some outerwear. In addition, ditch the shorts for a fabulous suede skirt, and get some comfy trousers to pair with a denim jacket. When the rain has calmed down, you can also put the rain boots aside in exchange for a good pair of ankle boots.

Once the sun is out, you can squeeze in a blow-out for that upcoming Thanksgiving dinner. In fact, while at the salon, here’s another thing to do that can bring you closer to fall. The definitive aspect of this season is that it’s a time of change. So, why not change up your look by dying your hair for that dinner party? Hell, if you wanna match your hair to the changing leaves in your desktop background, may Zendaya’s MJ red be your inspo. Just make sure you have a good colorist. We don’t wanna crush our Hot Girl Fall fantasies with a bad dye job. Also, red isn’t your only option, fall is about the dark vampy look as well. So, if you’ve got lighter hair, you can go for a raven color. Whatever works for you really. The ultimate vamp look is achieved through make-up, so changing the color palette for your face is another, less committed, way to feel closer to fall. Look for smokey eye palettes, burgundies, and other dark berry colors. Otherwise, a classic red lip is never out of season. Literally nothing can stop you from achieving your autumn dreams. So go! Break-in your new rain boots by dancing in the rain. Or, just go to the beach in a swimsuit with fall colors. Now that’s a mood.