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The four managers of the #PilloPolicía2016 event, Gabriel Rivera, Ian Robles, Alejandra Beatón and Pó Rodil, met in their drama classes.

Gabriel Rivera

Hometown: Guaynabo

Relationship Status: Single

Classification: 4th year

Major: Humanities, General Drama

Age: 21

Pó Rodil

Age: 21

Major: Drama and Art History

Classification: 5th year

Relationship Status: I have a girlfriend (lol)

Hometown: Ponce

Ian Robles

Age: 20

Major: Drama, Performance

Minor: Music

Classification: 3rd year

Relationship Status: Single boy

Hometown: Cidra

Alejandra Beatón

Age: 20

Major: Operation Management and Supplies

Minor: Drama, Performance

Classification: 4to año

Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

Hometown: nomad


          Gabriel Rivera and Ian Robles were discussing their strong opinions against Pokémon Go and suddenly, they started reminiscing about their childhood. They missed going outside, running nonstop and falling down, brushing the dust off and sprinting away again. They wondered, could we be kids again and play on campus? Apparently, the answer is YES!

“I loved playing Pillo-Policía so I wanted to do something running related on campus, to have one team against another”, Rivera remembered.


          In the midst of elaborating an organized massive old school game, Rivera, Robles, Beatón and Rodil created a closed Facebook page called Comunidad Nostalgia, a space where they will keep track of the students’ interest, so they can try and elaborate an event every month.

“We want for this to be a movement; we want for this to be a tool to connect with each other… this has never been done or seen before”, stated Rivera, as he reminded that “we are going through tough times” and that an event like this was perfect for the UPR University’s System.

Play at your own risk!

          Even though Pillo-Policía has always been played without –extra- rules, Rodil took charge of elaborating some new ones. We all know Pillo-Policía is a never-ending game; but this time, once all of the #TeamPillos members have been captured, GAME’S OVER! If this is not possible, La Torre will mark the end of round one at 1 in the afternoon. For the second round, players will switch teams.

They will play, too!

Alejandra #TeamPillo

Gabriel #TeamPolicía

Ian #TeamPolicía

Pó #TeamPolicía

#PilloPolicía2016 information

Registration: 10 a.m.

Fee: none. They are accepting donations.

Who can play? Anybody! (We hope to see faculty members!)

Color system:

      #TeamPolicías = blue (the justice system)

      #TeamPillos = red (the bad guys)

      Guards = purple (what do you get when you mix red and blue?)

      Nurses = yellow (just ‘cause!)

      Press = green (camouflage)

“The most important thing is for the unity to show; and for us to keep being us, because we can go forward in life and be kids at the same time. We cannot forget how to play, we need to be kids again”, concluded Rivera.

*For more information on the event visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/166088190467466/?ti=cl

**All pictures were taken from Gabriel’s, Ian’s, Alejandra’s, Pó’s and the event’s Facebook Page.

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