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I confess: I can be a picky eater sometimes. I classify myself as a MILD picky eater, because most of the time I am open to trying new things and my appetite doesn’t consist only of chicken nuggets and fries—I promise. However, I can be a little dubious and find some foods icky. Yet, how can someone know they truly like something unless they have tried it? At least that is what I tell myself. So, I tasked myself with a daunting quest for a picky eater: for every weekday, I would, practically unwillingly, try new foods and rate them on a scale from 1-10, where one is ew, never again for me and ten is damn, why didn’t I try this before.

SALAMI – 5/10

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Retrieved from: Taste of Artisan

No, I did not try the salami by itself. I mixed it with my scrambled eggs. It was unusually decent. Its appearance really caught me off guard and had me a bit biased. It tasted like a stronger and smokier type of ham. I didn’t expect it to be so crunchy, so it made it a little difficult for me to swallow. Pardon my French, but it tasted like a weird-as* pepperoni.

I must be honest, I was a bit hesitant at first. I was offered to eat my regular scrambled eggs meal with ham, however, I RESISTED THE TEMPTATION. It was definitely a new flavor and had a weird texture which I was not prepared or accustomed to. Eating breakfast took longer than usual. I did not eat it completely but still ate a little more than half of what I was served.

I don’t know if I’d try it again. Maybe if no one tells me what it is I’ll confuse my brain to eat it again. It was not bad; it just wasn’t my thing.

CALZONE – 9.5/10

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Retrieved from: Pinterest

I had never tried a calzone before because I was afraid it would consist only of the crust of the pizza, which is not my favorite part of the pizza. However, once I tried it… I loved it! It was a pizza folded in half or a ginormous stuffed crust.

Would definitely eat it again. It didn’t receive a full 10/10 because I was biased. But let’s be honest, the calzone will never reach the pizza’s 10/10.


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Retrieved from: Pinterest

I think I haven’t pointed this out already but, I don’t cook. If you let me, I’ll burn your cereal, for real, but at least I’m learning. Anyways, one evening, my mom surprised me with a text that said: “I bought this colorful pasta for tonight. You like the idea?” Of course, I didn’t object. You cannot say no to a Latina mom that has offered to willingly cook for you. NEVER. So, obviously I accepted. I was a bit skeptical about the green colored pasta, but I pushed through. Once I tasted it (with five-cheese sauce) I couldn’t taste the difference between regular pasta and the multicolored one I had just tried. It was delicious; I loved it.


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I don’t know how to feel about this one. It was weird. Peanut butter and I don’t really get along. Actually, I don’t get along with any type of peanuts, I just find them weird. No further comment.


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I had tried chocolate ice cream before but it has never been my favorite. I don’t necessarily enjoy its flavor. It had been awhile since I tried it, so maybe my taste buds have matured and I could try it again? And I did. I have to conclude: it’s not bad, it just isn’t the best ice cream flavor out there (sorry in advance to all those chocolate lovers)

For this experiment, I did not try exotic new flavors because, just like with any other experience in life, one must try bit by bit. I am confident and proud of the amazing progress I made. I was open to trying new things and it required a lot of courage for some of the foods I ate. I encourage all those picky eaters like me to give yourself a try! You may be surprised. Overall, I rate this experience 10/10. I have no plate to fear now and I will always remember this experience the next time I’ll try something new.

Good luck, picky eaters out there! I got your back and I’m rooting for you!

Pennélope Alers López is the team's secretary and a writer at the Her Campus at UPR chapter. Pennélope's favorite topics to write about range from entertainment to academics. She writes a bit of everything! Beyond Her Campus, Pennélope works as a Barista at Starbucks Escorial. She loves serving warm coffee and putting a smile on everyone’s faces. She is also a junior at the University of Puerto Rico Río Piedras Campus, completing a Bachelor's degree in Special Education. In her free time, Pennélope enjoys doing arts and crafts and spending time with her dog, Lilo. She is also a rom-com aficionado—she has a list of over 100 romance movies and series that she has watched throughout the years.