Pets Week: Lluvia and Lilo

Welcome to our first Pet Week! Today, on day three of seven, we will be featuring Lluvia and Lilo. Get ready to die of cuteness!


Name: Lluvia

Owner's Name: Paola

Age: 1-year-old

Story: Paola and her family found her while camping at the beach last summer. She was very ill and very sick so they decided to take care of her and offer her their love.

Favorite Snack: Bananas

Things She Likes to Do: She loves games and a good belly scratch.

Fun Fact: She loves to stare outside when it rains and she’s not scared of thunderstorms


Name: Lilo

Owner's Name: Veronica

Age: 6 months old

Story: She was rescued from a river after the hurricane when her mom died of leptospirosis

Favorite Snack: Anything she shouldn’t be eating, specifically paint and Veronica’s sneakers. She also loves eating cat food.

Things She Likes to Do: She likes to run in circles and wait by the door when I get home.

Fun Fact: She likes to cuddle in her sleep and winds up Veronica’s pillow more often than not.


Stay tuned for more adorable pets!