Opinion Piece: The Importance of Fashion

Fashion has existed for as long as humans have. Every culture has contributed something to what we know as fashion-- indigenous tribes wore colors and painted their faces to not only look a certain way but also to categorize the members of the tribe into certain groups. This is the same way fashion works today.

We often express ourselves through what we wear. Whether it be hair, makeup, clothes, accessories, or shoes; what we choose to wear says something about us. If you choose to have colorful hair, people assume you have a fiery personality and don’t take yourself too seriously. If you choose to wear neutral-colored outfits, people assume you are a more serious person. That’s just the way it works.

But fashion isn’t limited to a certain style every single day. For example, there are days when I feel more joyful and colorful, so I wear bolder outfits. However, sometimes my mood is calmer and I wear more conservative and traditional clothes. There are even days when I feel like I don’t have time to get ready in the morning, so I throw on a pair of leggings with whatever t-shirt or hoodie I find. My fashion sense really depends on my mood.

In my case, I have always been in fashion from a very young age. I started wearing makeup at around age 12 and quickly developed a love for luxury brands. I remember being constantly criticized: “There are more important things than looking pretty,” and “You should spend your money on education, not a handbag,” were phrases I heard all the time growing up. People thought I was superficial and would instantly categorize me as dumb without me even saying a word. I always wondered what was so wrong with loving fashion. I believed women could have beauty and brains, and I still do.

The way we look and carry ourselves says a lot about us. Yes, an outfit isn’t everything, but to me, it plays a very important role on how confident I feel and, ultimately, how I perform in my daily tasks. If I leave my house not wearing any makeup and hating what I’m wearing, I’ll walk around the whole day looking down and hoping I don’t run into anyone I know. It even affects my posture, my walk, and my tone of voice. When I take the time to wear something I love, fix my hair, and do my makeup, I walk confidently, speak louder and stand straight. I have a shy personality, so this really works for me.

When it comes to employers, they want to see you walk into the job interview sure of what you’re saying. They want someone who can represent their brand in the best way. If you wear an outfit that’s very well put-together or that represents the look they want, it increases your chances of getting the job without you even having to do anything. (Think of it as bonus points!)

Your appearance is the first thing people see when they look at you. It’s your introduction card. Based on your looks, someone can make assumptions about you and even categorize you into a group of people who have a thing in common, whether that be personality, music taste, intelligence, etc. Before you can say your first word, that person already has an idea in mind of how you may be. So what do you think your look says about you?


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