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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

For the first few months of being in a relationship, everything seems absolutely perfect and you feel like you’re on Cloud 9, also known as “The Honeymoon Phase”. It’s a state in which you’re constantly feeling very intense emotions and feelings, like butterflies in your stomach, being giddy and smiley all the time, and just being happy overall. However, sometimes we get so involved in our own emotions, that we tend to ignore the major red flags that were clearly evident from the beginning. Whether it’s because your signs aren’t compatible, or Mercury is in retrograde, there are times one can tell it’s not going to last or end in good terms. To back this up, here are some first date and relationship horror stories.

Disclaimer: Names have been changed.


The Absentee Texter

“I was talking with a guy for five months that I met through a mutual friend. He was really nice and all, but he was a very inconsistent texter. I get that we’re all busy and we shouldn’t expect that someone texts you all the time, every single day, but he literally would answer me five times a day and then not answer me until a week later. We kept talking afterward, but I had a feeling it was going nowhere. He kept promising for a date, but he literally answered me a week after I told him the days I was available. He kept apologizing for taking so long to answer, but he kept doing it. I texted him last and he never answered me, it’s been more than a month.” – Adriana, 21


The Cheater

“I dated this girl for three years, and I should’ve known how bad it was gonna end up being from the start. She cheated on her ex-boyfriend with me and then broke up with him so we could get together. From that moment on, there was constant drama and even now when I’m seeing someone else.” – Juan, 22


The One Who Was Interviewing For A Psychologist

“I was once seeing this guy who had just recently gotten out of a relationship. Honestly, I should’ve known that it wasn’t a good idea to get involved with him in the first place, but my emotions got the best of me. He kept talking about his problems and all I could do was give him the best advice I could and listen. Eventually, it went nowhere because he wasn’t emotionally stable.” – María Luisa, 20


The Bad Friendship

“I was in a relationship with my best friend’s ex-girlfriend. That itself is chaotic energy. He claimed he was okay with the situation, but we started to fight a lot and our friendship strained because of it. I was so blind-sighted that I didn’t realize that she still liked my best friend and she clearly wasn’t over him. This didn’t last more than five months and I was devastated. Now looking back, I can’t believe I was that blind.” – Diego, 19


The One Who Was Caught Up On Their Ex

“I was seeing this girl while she was still dating her boyfriend. I had intense feelings for her that I didn’t care how wrong it was. We were together for a short time and everything seemed perfect, until she broke up with me, because her feelings for her boyfriend were stronger. As far as I know, they are still together and he has no idea about what happened.” – Nicolás, 22


When we look back at our previous relationships, we realize how doomed everything was from the start. Despite having people advising us to be careful or to be more aware of the situation, we tend to follow our emotions rather than reason. Instead of being too hard on ourselves for not being self-aware, we should take from these experiences to learn and grow from them.

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