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Need a Coffee Fix? Here’s Five Cafés Near Campus to Check Out

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

If you’re like me, chances are you pretty much can’t function without a morning cup of coffee. Taking college classes while working or being involved in extracurricular activities is no easy feat, especially when it comes to handling deadlines and creating consistent studying habits. While drinking coffee does not solve the problem, it might be somewhat comforting for people who drink it regularly. Luckily, Río Piedras has some amazing cafés near campus that are ideal for anyone who’s craving their daily dose, looking for a quiet place to study, or just wants to lay back and have a coffee date with their friends. Here are some ideas for your next coffee-seeking adventure: 


Located at the heart of Río Piedras in the Santa Rita barrio, this community bakery is an excellent choice for coffee and brunch-lovers alike. Their menu features a wide variety of delicious breakfast and lunch options, freshly baked pastries, and refreshing beverages. Panismo’s interior is easily distinguished by its colorful flamboyán-themed murals and glowing string lights, both of which set a friendly and inviting atmosphere. In addition to the items on their staple menu, the Panismo team is always coming up with new seasonal pastries and drinks, so stay tuned to their beautifully curated Instagram feed on @panismopr for more info! 


If you’re looking for a cozy environment that’s suitable for finishing a research paper or meeting up with a team to discuss the logistics of an upcoming presentation over some steaming cups of coffee, look no further. Pocillo Dulce has got you covered! This lovely coffee shop is located in Avenida Universidad, which makes it an ideal option for pedestrians. Sourced all the way from San Sebastián del Pepino, their coffee is straight-up delicious. They also serve waffles, sandwiches, açai bowls, and even chicken nuggets. If you want to take a break from studying, they also have UNO decks and Jenga towers readily available for anyone who wants to relax for a bit. You can also choose to sit inside or on their outdoor terrace. Who knows? Maybe their resident shih-tzu, Olympia, might even swing by and greet you!


Known throughout la Iupi as one of the classics, Arrope offers tons of budget-friendly breakfast options as well as their signature coffee. They also have a build-your-own lunch menu, so you can put together a meal that best suits your food preferences. Arrope’s interior features a lot of greenery, setting a peaceful environment that’s perfect for coffee or lunch dates. They also have comfy tables, and a breezy outdoors area.


Featuring a lively and bustling environment, Cafe Paraíso is an ideal spot for anybody who’s looking for a coffee date and bookstore trip double feature! Based in Calle González, this restaurant café offers a rotating menu that includes a variety of affordable vegetarian and vegan friendly options. The service is amazing, and they even have a balcony overlooking the first floor where you can sit and enjoy your meal. They’re also located a flight of stairs below Librería La Esquina, a beautiful independent bookstore founded by none other than Puerto Rican author Luis Negrón. Offering a wide selection of the best boricua prose and poetry, La Esquina is an absolute must!


Situated in the Centro de Estudiantes, IUPICOOP Café is the go-to spot for last minute coffee runs. Besides their standard coffee beverages, the café’s menu also offers toasted croissant sandwiches, pastries, and a variety of aguas frescas. It’s also entirely run by campus alumni and the student cooperative, so it’s an accessible grassroots cause to support. Out of all of the coffee shops listed in this article, IUPICOOP has the most extensive seating areas and Wi-Fi reception for the student network; both of which make IUPICOOP an ideal setting for large groups or student meetings. 

All of the aforementioned coffee shops are amazing in their own right (please keep in mind that they are not listed in any particular order). Because they are independent, these local businesses need our support in order to keep functioning. Hopefully, you may give these coffee shops a try and enjoy their amazing coffee!

Andrea Capllonch is a Comparative Literature grad student that loves editing literary and journalistic content, discovering coffee shops and creating playlists for just about anything. She aspires to someday break into the literary world as an editor for a publishing house or an online publication. When she isn't busy editing or working at the local indie bookstore, you'll most likely find her cuddling her two cats, Bobby and Ziggy.