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The MVPs of the Hurricane María



Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico in crisis, but our MVPs helped keep us sane.


Here are the MVPs of Hurricane María:


WAPA PR (The Radio)

When the winds roared to their highest and one wanted supportive words, WAPA was there. WAPA, a local radio station, was at one point the only station informing the Puerto Rican people. Before, during, and after, WAPA was there. WAPA you are the real MVP.


“Los Vecinos” (Our neighbors)

Accept it. You had probably never even said hello or acknowledged their existence. After Hurricane Maria, they have become your family. They helped you get water, fry “tostones de pana”, cut trees, and just get things done. Vecinos, without you I wouldn’t have been able to get out of my house (literally).

Ada Monzon, “The Godmother”

Adita, your voice stresses yet calms me. Even though she nearly gives me a heart attack when she said “Puerto Rico will have a story before and after”, she  kept me up to date with constant information. May Ada’s voice be present in all natural disasters.


Food Trucks

After the wind ceased and reality hit us we asked, “What  are we going to eat?”, and that’s when the Food Trucks saved us. They were ready to offer us food and make our tummies happy.  


Netflix Download

No wifi= no problem. Netflix got us because entertainment is important. Narcos, Suits, or House of Cards, download whichever you want.

Diesel and Gas

These precious liquids fuel hospitals, ports, water plants, etc. Diesel became “la ultima coca cola del desierto” (very very popular).


“El Cubito”

When there is no water, your best friend is el Cubito”.  “El Cubito” comes in different forms. Some use a bucket, a water bottle, a gallon of water, or even a soda gallon. Even though you still feel dirty, the bucket gives you an illusion of a shower.



Your kitchen for the hurricane. Omelet ‘a la BBQ is a thing. With limited resources, it tastes better than Denny’s. No hurricane will take away our Iron Chef spirit.


To all the MVPs, thank you. Because  of you I am still sane. Hope all of you are safe.


HC xo

Veronica is currently a student in the University of Puerto Rico Río Piedras Campus. She is double majoring in Accounting and Political Science. Veronica loves to read, cook, travel and learn about new cultures.
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