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Fourteen years ago, on April 9th, Ella Enchanted was released. The movie, a romantic-comedy with a spark of fantasy that gives it the perfect twist, is made for a younger audience, but people of all ages can enjoy it.

The movie follows the story of a girl named Ella of Frell, who is given a “gift” by her fairy godmother. This is the gift of obedience, meaning Ella has to do everything that people order her to do. The film’s main events develop with Ella as a young adult. When she crosses paths with the famous Prince Charmont, the prince charming of her village, things take an adventurous turn. Together they go on a journey searching for Ella’s fairy godmother so that she can reverse the spell. This voyage also helps Prince Charmont see the reality in which the kingdom is living in.

Ella is played by Anne Hathaway.

The character of Ella represents the empowerment of women, even though she is forced to do things she does not want to do—because of the “gift”—she is still presented as someone who knows what she wants, and she does not let this take control of her life.

If you like romance, comedy, and fantasy this is definitely the film for you. It’s not your typical romantic-comedy and that is what makes it special. You will get deep into the world of trolls, elves, wizards, and princes—and end up singing along with all of them.

This is a movie for any kind of person at any age. It is a movie that shows you that you are the one who holds control over your life and that you cannot let others control your actions.

I am not going to tell you about the ending, but if you liked reading this—then you should definitely check out Ella Enchanted. Also, it is currently on Netflix!

A little fun fact: the movie is based on the book Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine.

Zoé is a student at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus passionate about literature, languages and journalism.