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Deadpool 2, the sequel to one of 2016’s highest grossing films, is a superhero movie that blurs the line between action and black comedy. Ryan Reynolds stars as the ‘’merc with a mouth’’ Deadpool, who yet again leads the viewers through a gory, hilarious and possibly confusing plot.

The movie offers the same level of adrenaline the original offered, but with a larger and more unconventional cast. This time around we get to see more mutants taking roles and opening up the possibility to future X-Men films, although we know some disputes over Marvel character rights may prolong these releases if they’re even being contemplated.

The film highlights the struggle of suffering abuse and then learning to accept kindness from others. In a way, the movie tries hard to push this message (and others) onto the audience without eliminating Deadpool’s characteristic charm and wit from basically every moment of the movie. To a fault, some of these messages might be lost in translation if you focus too much on the flying guts, one-liners, and fast transitions. Regardless, the movie is genuinely entertaining and has received mixed to positive reviews from critics.

I won’t lie, I genuinely expected a bit more from this movie, but given that the first Deadpool film set such a high standard, and movies like Logan and Black Panther are raising the bar for what audiences generally expect from a superhero movie, it’s difficult to not have high expectations. Despite feeling that way, I can say I felt satisfied with the movie.

As if it weren’t already obvious, don’t forget to stay after the credits end!

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