Meet Cutie Ana María Báez

Name: Ana María Báez Andújar

Hometown: Ponce, PR

Major: Political Sciences 

UPR Life

Activities: Her Campus UPR, Ballet and National Society of Collegiette Scholars

Favorite Class: United States Political Parties 

Least Favorite Class: Statistics

Favorite UPR Moment: Join Her Campus UPR

Fun Facts

Favorite TV Show: Scandal

Biggest Pet Peeve:'s annoying

Favorite Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany's 

Favorite Food: Mexican

One Thing On Your Bucket List:  UPR Law School

Why UPR: Because it's, by far, the best school. I love the student campus and environment. 

Little Known Fact: Last Saturday, I joined a ballet class. 

Top Place You Want to Visit: London

Celebrity Crush: George Clooney

Love Life

Single or Taken? TAKEN

Deal Breaker: Men's disrespect towards women...

Deal Maker: He is smart, witty and knows how to tell a good joke! 


*The pictures were taken from:

Ana M. Báez's Facebook Page