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Marc Jacobs’ Heaven Line Just Dropped a Collaboration With Deftones

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

In 2023, the world of fashion witnessed the comeback of late ‘90s to 2000s trends, most notably the Y2K aesthetic. In the present world of TikTok, AI art, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, an internet-driven return to electronic music, and much debate over the future of the metaverse, the resurgence of Y2K is nostalgic as much as it is an expression of creativity and individuality. The fashion project Heaven, launched in 2020 and officially described as a gateway into the sprawling and enigmatic omniverse of Marc Jacobs subversion, has built its name on ‘90s to early 2000s pop culture and kitschy street style, introducing a vibrant Y2K nostalgia to Gen-Z. 

Earlier this month, Heaven launched its spring capsule collection, a collaboration with streetwear brand Stray Rats and, most notably, with legendary alternative and nu metal band Deftones. The collaboration took the fashion world by storm, coinciding with a campaign and lookbook to tease the upcoming Spring 2023 collection, including over 50 models and Gen-Z icons, as well as Gen-X celebrities Tara Reid, The Sopranos’ Michael Imperioli, and Deftones frontman Chino Moreno himself. To celebrate the band’s trajectory, Heaven hosted a pop-up gallery in Los Angeles: a curated archive of Deftones history with original lyrics, photographs, artifacts, and artwork from the bands’ expansive career. Heaven even hosted a surprise show in Williamsburg, NYC, headlined, of course, by Deftones and including sets by experimental and electronic artists Yves Tumor and Mia Carucci. 

The collection itself is comprised of sheer tops, knitwear, distressed sweaters, tees, and jewelry featuring images and typography from Deftones artwork, specifically from their albums Around The Fur, their 2003 self titled album, and White Pony, with the eponymous horse and the phrase Shove It (from the nu metal banger “My Own Summer”) emblazoned across tops and accessories. Some of the designs are also combined with the Heaven by Marc Jacobs Teddy Bear and Stray Rats “ratgirl” logo. The looks revolve around a mostly neutral color palette, with hints of navy blue, orange, and green.

The release of the Heaven X Stray Rats Deftones collection is an important milestone in Y2K fashion and pop culture —not just because it proves its passion for intergenerational nostalgia, but also because it celebrates the timelessness of ‘90s alternative metal sound and style.

Sofia Capllonch is a musician and graduate architecture student at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. When she isn't working on design projects, jamming out or reading a good book, there's a huge chance you'll find her obsessing over guitar gear or hanging out with her cats.