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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

Isn’t it nice to just escape to a place where you can relax and experience the beautiful nature that surrounds you? How about adding a taste of adventure into the mix? Well, New Zealand is the perfect place for you to travel to if you’re up to taking on a relaxing or adventurous life that this country has to offer. Did you know that New Zealand is the place where both The Chronicles of Narnia movies and The Lord of the Rings trilogy were filmed? Let’s take a look into which locations you can discover from these movies, but also explore in your own way.

Flock Hill

“For Narnia and for Aslan!”

The battle between the evil White Witch and the people of Narnia was filmed in Flock Hill, New Zealand. It’s very close to where the city of Christchurch is located on South Island. Being the fangirl of Narnia that I am, I would totally love to check this place out. It’s full of a large variety of rocks to climb and also has a beautiful landscape with countless large, open, and lush areas. Whether or not you’re a fan of the Narnia franchise, you will surely enjoy the rock-filled plains and the mountainous view.

Mount Cook

Fly over Mount Cook, the tallest mountain in New Zealand. It’s located on South Island in the midst of the Southern Alps and has been a famous place for mountain climbers to challenge over the years. With its surrounding glaciers and staggering mountain-neighbors, Mount Cook is truly a sight to behold. Why not rent out a helicopter and let a guide show you yourself? Some tours even include a temporary snow landing on one of the many glaciers. Consider adding Mount Cook to your New Zealand bucket list!

Milford Sound

What’s an exotic vacation without a cruise? If you are considering taking a cruise on the waters for a romantic or relaxing afternoon, where better than to go to the fiord of Milford Sound? If you get lucky, you could even spot dolphins swimming around. With cascades running by your side, it’s impossible to ignore its overwhelming beauty. There is a reason that it is widely considered as New Zealand’s most popular tourist location! I recommend this a guaranteed satisfactory destination for visitors to New Zealand: especially if you’re looking for a romantic getaway.


Let’s acknowledge this for a second; The Lord of the Rings has some pretty incredible scenery throughout all three films. From the colossal mountains of Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli’s journey across Middle-earth to the forests of Lothlórien and Rivendell, the word “breathtaking” can hardly even describe the adventure’s various terrains and landscapes. Despite all its grandeur, none can deny that the view of the Shire tops them all. Luckily for us, you can visit the very Hobbiton Movie Set that captured it all! From the cozy hobbit-holes to the Green Dragon inn, there is nothing quite like experiencing the life of a Hobbit with your own eyes. I don’t know about you, but it’s the perfect place for a nerd like me!
You can even go horseback riding and visit other iconic scenes from the famous trilogy itself! High Country Horses offers a variety of rides, including a 1.5-hour trek that will take you to places like the filming location of Isengard and even of Boromir’s famous death.

Redwoods Forest

Most of us have heard about the Californian Coast Redwoods: trees that live to be over a thousand years old, ancient and evergreen and taller than most living things on earth, but did you know that there is an entire forest of them in Rotorua, New Zealand? Commonly described as jaw-dropping and stunning, Whakarewarewa Forest isn’t just known as a visual phenomenon, but also as a cultural and historical area. 5,600 hectares of forest and nature containing mountain bike trails and endangered species are waiting for you at the Redwoods Forest, and you won’t want to miss it!

While I save my pennies to someday explore New Zealand, I’ll surely be researching all of the other thousands of destinations that it has to offer. What about you? Which location sounds the most exciting to you?

Aimar B. Galarza is an undergraduate English Literature student in the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus aspiring to become a future editor. She has a passion for anything to do with books, film, writing, music, and acting. She enjoys playing the piano and guitar and has also participated in various musicals as a dancer, singer, and actress, one of them being "Homeroom the Musical" which was presented in Ponce, Puerto Rico and later on presented in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Last but not least, she's also a voice actress on YouTube (AimyAngel) who's collaborated in fan dubs, audiobooks, and animated episodes.