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Life-Saving Travel Bags to Use This Summer

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

Picture this: you arrive at the appointed time at the airport, at least two or three hours before the flight’s departing time. Even though there’s still time left, it never feels like enough: first, checking in your flight, having your documents and identity verified, handing over your luggage, passing through the security gates, shoes off, shoes on, finding your boarding gate, and then finally being able to relax. If you’re like me, you have probably overpacked and have run out of hands to carry your stuff. Where’s my phone? Where did I put my passport again? Do you have my boarding pass? These are just some of the multiple questions I ask during the whole endeavor of trying to find the right gate. More than once, I feel a slight panic attack when I can’t hurry up enough trying to retrieve my items from the box at the security checkpoint. That is why this year, as summertime approaches, along with the end of another hardworking semester, I have decided that the upcoming trip will be different, a more relaxed and organized experience. 

I have made it my personal mission to find the airport and travel must-have bags for summer 2023 vacations and here are the top picks:

1.Four-Wheel Suitcase

I know that this may seem like an obvious travel item, but some of us still try to reuse old, two-wheeled suitcases since they’re still in “good condition”. Trust me on this one; consider investing in a four-wheel suitcase. It’s the best choice when it comes to long trips or if you’re gonna be moving constantly from place to place. I can recall, on my last trip, I had packed all my belongings in my old two-wheel, and the night just before the flight, I found that one of the wheels was not moving smoothly. I ran that same night to the nearest Walmart and bought a four-wheel suitcase. It was a blessing in disguise since, after arriving in Spain, we had to take a couple of trains, then a huge flight of stairs, and walk a couple of streets to the hotel. I can’t imagine having done all that with a two-wheel suitcase.

2. Luggage bag

These luggage bags have been trending on TikTok for some time now and with good reason: they are the best organizational item to carry with you to the airport, mostly because they have that amazing back pocket. The simplicity of being able to merge your bag into your suitcase is a life changer, no more having to hold your bag 24/7 while you wait for your flight. Just attach it to the handle and off you go!

3. Fanny Pack

Fanny packs have become very trendy these past months, and they’re also incredibly convenient! They’re the best choice for an airport and travel bag since they’re small and lightweight but big enough to carry the essentials: passport, credit cards, cellphone, cash, etc. No more losing your passport or boarding pass while nervously passing through the security gates. It’s also a great way to keep everything near you and prevent your belongings from getting stolen, which makes it a must-have when it comes to traveling to foreign places. What better way to look chic while also keeping it safe?

4. Jewelry bag

On my last trip, I bought organizing bags for my clothes and shoes -also a must-have- but what I didn’t buy was a place to store my jewelry. I ended up putting my rings, earrings, and collars in a ziplock –yikes– not my brightest moment. My jewelry ended up either lost or tangled with one another, which is why this year I decided to learn from my mistakes and purchased a jewelry organizer. A bag like this one will help keep everything separated into compartments and maintain your items in good condition.

5. Toiletry bag

Last but not least, a toiletry and makeup storage bag. The detail of the hanger makes it especially useful on trips where you share a room with others. It makes the whole getting ready part much quicker and easier, while also avoiding getting your personal items confused with others. This will also help keep the bathroom nice and tidy, while maintaining the shared space with others peacefully and avoiding conflicts about the mess. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking: that’s a lot of bags. But trust me, when it comes to traveling, there’s no such thing as being too organized. At the end of the day, you’ll be grateful to have all your belongings safe and easy to find. These are purchases totally worth the while. All of these items can be found on Amazon, Walmart, or other warehouse stores. Safe travels!

Myrangely Méndez is a Comparative Literature and Drama student at UPR, Río Piedras Campus. She loves having a laugh with a good romcom, browse books through Reese Witherspoon's bookclub and daydream about moving to Europe. She hopes to graduate in May 2023 and dedicate her life to writing.