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Having high goals is part of being students, we are studying to achieve the things we want the most. It can be having the biggest closet in the world or writing the best novel in the history of novels but something I’m sure most of you can relate to is TRAVELING! Being able to travel the world, change venues, explore new cities, learn about other cultures, taking that one picture that will make you remember the entire adventure, tasting all sorts of strange foods and being able to say “I’ve been there”. You can see this article as an inspiration and motivation, so that every time you’re feeling low about college and you’re thinking, “Why am I even studying?” you can read this and say “Oh right!, I want to be able to explore the world”. I made a list of a couple of beautiful, breathtaking and amazing travel places, hope you enjoy!


Marrakech, Morocco

Fun Facts:

  • In Morocco, it is considered impolite to handle food with the left hand and to say no to meat if it is offered at a meal.
  • White is the color of mourning in Morocco. A Moroccan widow wears white for 40 days after the death of her husband.
  • An Arabic name for Morocco, al-Magrib al-Aqsa, means “the extreme west” and attests to Morocco’s place as the westernmost country in the Arab world.
  • Moroccan Berber women still have tattoos in geometric designs on their faces, sometimes covering much of their forehead, cheeks, and necks. These are marks of tribal identification and date from a time when it was necessary to be able to spot women of one’s tribe who had been carried off in raids.



Fun Facts:

  • Half of Cambodia’s current population is younger than 15 years old.
  • In Cambodia, the head is regarded as the highest part of the body and shouldn’t be touched even in the kindest manner.
  • The most obvious and popular interesting fact about Cambodia is Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is the main reason tourists flock in their numbers to Cambodia. It is the world’s largest religious building and considered one of the wonders of the world.


Istanbul, Turkey


Fun Facts:

  • Turkey has the third highest number of Facebook users in the world, with 14 million users, after the U.S. and U.K.
  • Turkey is the 6th most popular tourist destination in the world and had 35 million foreign visitors in 2013 alone.
  • Istanbul (ancient Byzantium) was founded on Seven Hills like Rome.
  • Istanbul is the only city in the world which is both in Europe and Asia geographicaly.
  • Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in the world, with around 15 million population, which is more than 177 countries around the world.
  • Istanbul was the most crowded city of the world in 1502, then London took this title in 1840.

Hanoi, Vietnam


Fun Facts:

  • The Vietnamese language has six different tones. A change in tone changes the meaning of the word.
  • Although Vietnam is a developing country, it has a literacy rate of 94%.
  • The houses in Hanoi are super narrow because the store owners had to pay tax based on the width of the building.


Prague, Czech Republic


Fun Facts:

  • The Simpson’s Duff beer is brewed in Czech Republic.
  • Czechoslovakia ceased to exist ages ago.
  • Perhaps Prague’s most famous landmark, the Astronomical clock stands regally in front of the Old Town Hall and gathers hundreds of tourists from around the world. Every hour a procession of 12 apostles appear from the sides of the clock as well as the ominous figure of death striking the time


Rome, Italy

Fun Facts:

  • Vatican City is the only nation in the world that can lock its own gates at night. It has its own phone company, radio, T.V. stations, money, and stamps. It even has its own army, the historic Swiss Guard.
  • Almost four-fifths of Italy is either mountainous or hills.
  • Italian is a language which is coming from Latin and you still can recognize the roots.

  • Not all people in Italy speak proper Italian, but one of its many Italian dialects. Some of the older people, can neither speak Italian, but only the local dialect or will speak only German when living in the Northern Region of Alto Adige, a French dialect in the Valle d’Aosta or Ladino in the Trentino.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fun Facts:

  • Argentina was the first country in Latin or South America to legalize same-sex marriage, in 2010.
  • Argentines spend the most time listening to the radio, about 21 hours a week, of any nation in the world.
  • There are 28 newspapers that serve the city of Buenos Aires.


These are just some of the places we recommend you go visit! They're super gorgeous, and you'll have a blast.


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