Justin Baldoni: Where are the Men?

Known as Rafael from the CW series Jane the Virgin, the feminist actor, and entrepreneur, Justin Baldoni, recently held a TED Talk towards the idea of redefining masculinity in our contemporary society. His ideas stem from the exhaustion he feels at a phrase (of being  "man enough") he constantly encounters. This is a social construct implemented by men throughout their upbringing. According to Baldoni, this norm makes the common man understand that their weakness is a stigma to be avoided. He believes that this cycle can truly break once men learn that they are welcome to embrace their emotions, insecurities, and doubts; all qualities they have been told since early childhood to be “feminine” and “unmanly”. He expresses that the male population must learn from women; learn to be brave enough to show weakness. He advocates that this movement must transcend hand in hand with gender equality, end of sexual harassment, amongst other current social issues.


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