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Jonghyun released his 4th and final solo album last January 23rd titled “Artist | Poet,” a mix of various songs containing different genres like Pop, R&B, EDM and others. He was a South Korean singer, who has been in the industry for over 10 years under one of the biggest labels, SM Entertainment, and was part of the K-pop group known as SHINee. Sadly, he passed away last December 18, 2017 -just days after finishing his new music video. We didn’t know if the company would release his last solo album after this huge tragedy that moved the whole K-pop community, but they did.

With the money earned from this album, the profits will be donated entirely to his mother and to a foundation for those who are passing through difficult times. We’ll enjoy this album with all our hearts and remember him as one of the most fun, happiest Idols out there who enjoyed being on stage, spending time with his fans- and always gave his best to everyone.   

This beautiful album contains eleven songs. Starting with Shinnin’, the title track and it also has a music video. This song is a combination of laid-back beats, Pop, and Jonghyun’s beautiful vocals. So far, this is my favorite album made by him. I’ve been using it a lot for background music when I study. Also, it’s the kind of album made for everyone; it doesn’t matter if you just listen to Pop, R&B, EDM, Soul, it has them all. Everyone will certainly enjoy it! Jonghyun was the bomb when it came to creating beautiful masterpieces. We will remember Artist | Poet as the last and most beautiful gift you gave to us, Jjong. We will always love and keep you in our hearts. And, we certainly know that “You will always be with us” everywhere you go-.


1.       Shinnin’

2.       Only One You Need

3.       #Hashtag

4.      Grease

5.       Take the Drive

6.       Sightseeing

7.       Rewind

8.       Just For One Day

9.       I’m So Curious

10.   Sentimental Before Our Spring


Image Credits : Billboard & AllKpop

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